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Poultry Time in NewRo Bows Out

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As of this weekend they're gone. So where to go down-county for decent fried chicken?

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  1. We have seen previous posts that proved to be untrue.
    Is it lights out...they are outta there for sure?
    Not just closed for the Jewish Holidays?

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    1. re: wineconsul

      There are goodbye notices on the window. They say they'll advise in the future of where they plan to re-open, but this store is closing.

    2. When I was there a few weeks ago, they said they were moving at the end of the month - but said they weren't sure where. Hopefully they'll resurface.

      1. There was a post on August 5 that was removed from the site. It said Poultry time NR needs your help. Hard to help or spread the word if we don't know the contents.