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Sep 30, 2009 04:45 PM

Finally San Diego...Real Tacos de Carne Asada

Paco Perez of Aqui es Texcoco brought me to what he considered to be the conceptually "Original" Tijuana Taqueria a year ago. He took me to Tacos El Poblano in La Mesa up Blvd. Agua Caliente so I can get an idea of a 'roots' TJ taco of carne asada.

I still remember the almost golden meat grilling away and its scent mixed with charcoal - but most important was the taste. It was like experiencing carne asada for the first time. I never took the subject of carne asada seriously until I was brought here.

The great news is that now you experience that taste in Chula Vista. The TJ roots chain of 3 Taquerias is now open in Downtown Chula Vista. ON 3rd st and E.

The ambiance is not the same but the flavor is completely there. The tortillas even taste like those from Mexico. Asada is the name of the game here but dont leave without trying the Consome de Carne. It rivals that served at Tacos Fitos - my favorite in TJ. The intriguing spicing muskiness and richness of the broth makes it easily one of the best things Ive tasted in San Diego recently.

Experience real Tacos of Carne Asada - go to El Poblano!!!!

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  1. Thanks. I'm going to have to five this a try. I've been going to CV a lot recently bike riding with a friend who lives down there, and our rides always include a chow stop. We're always looking for new food stops.

    1. Thanks, will get there soon, seems like I'll be spending more quality chow time in CV.

      1. thanks! so glad to see more gems closer to home.

        1. I just had lunch there. Short review -

          - Clean, comfortable, roomy, friendly. No parking lot, street parking with meters. Easy to get to and find from the 5.

          - $1.75 for a street sized (small) taco. Other prices in line with that. I would call it good value.

          - Some of the best fresh guac I've ever had at a taco shop. Like I would make at home.

          - Limited options. Carne, adobada, birra in the typical configurations. No salsa bar, but pickled carrots/peppers, lime, and radishes were available.

          - Very delicious meat. Although the carne was really dry and had all the juiciness cooked out of it. More than I'd usually expect. Still tasted great though. There was also a bit more gristle than I'm used to, but not objectionable at all, just notable.

          Over all I would rate it as very good but not great. I'd feel very comfortable bringing friends here, but I'd likely take out of town guests with limited time to places I like better such as Tacos El Gordo, Tacos El Paisa, or La Fachada. I thought they were a bit heavy on the guacamole, so next time I might get that on the side.

          Bottomline - Really good street tacos in a sit-down environment.

          Address -
          217 3rd Ave.
          Chula Vista, CA 91910

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            I would definitely agree with you on bringing out of town guests to the places you listed albeit for something other than carne asada. Their ambiance is much more special.

            Limited options is something you want with a taqueria - especially in a place like Tijuana where any good tijuanero will tell you to avoid 'tacos varios' puestos like the h1n1 virus.

            The meat is brought in from Mexico per the Taquero - and its the strength of the restaurant. Maybe you caught them at a bad time - but when I ordered they threw the meat on the grill.

            This style of taco - the taquero only asks you if you want 'con todo' and then he serves you a finished product. Salsa bars are not de riguer.

            Did you try the birria broth by chance?

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              Do you know if cattle in Mex are raised on CAFOs?

              1. re: Josh

                You mean the clenbuterol that sidelined half the Mexican soccer team and cyclist Alberto Contador? It is an epidemic in Mexico, to the point athletes competing in Mexico are refusing to eat the local beef due fearing of failing a urine screen.

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                  do you know if it is a common problem in Spain as well? That's where Contador's came from.

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                    It's not, and that why Contador was is serving a suspension for doping.