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Sep 30, 2009 04:42 PM

Soba in S.D.?

A friend of mine is asking about a good place for soba (yakisoba, zarusoba?).

Any good rec's in San Diego? I imagine this will lead me somewhere in Kearny mesa (Sakura or Ume No Ya?) but I figured some of you might no the best spots. Not looking for anything upscale...Traditional and hole in the wall (and cheap) is best. Any ideas?

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  1. I had soba at Sakura last month and it was ok, at best. Nothing spectacular and I recall something was "off" about it. I think it was either texture or tooth pull or something along those lines. Their hiyashi w/ ramen was much better.

    I can't recall, but Okan and Otan may have soba on their menus. I know Okan has udon.
    Tajima may have soba.
    Chopstix has soba and it is ok, nothing spectacular.

    1. There are no good spots for soba or yakisoba in San Diego - as in you can do just as good or better in your own home in 3 minutes. For yakisoba, you will get great results however going to Mitsuwa and buying Ippeichan Yakisoba, which comes in a rectangular styrofoam box. This is a quality instant soba product, which comes with four packets - yakisoba sauce, spice, dried onion, and mustard-mayo. Straight from Japan.

      Follow the instructions - fill it with boiling water, and wait 3 mintues. Open the 2nd lid (there are two) which lets you pour out the water. Get it nice and dry and mix in the sauces. For good yakisoba, stir fry in advance some vegetables like cabbage and carrots in a little butter. Toss it together and you'll get something 10x better than anything you'll get in SD.

      My wife used to make it fresh but this won her over. It doesn't compare to other instant ramen products. Oh, and it costs about $2.50

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        Second for Mitsuwa Market. They are located on Mercury, south of Balboa.

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          Looks like I will need to cook Soba for him : )

          Thank you all.

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            I was at Okan this week and they have soba on the menu. I didn't get it, but if the rest of the menu and the ume rice ball in soup is any indicator of their soba, then you're in good shape!

        2. Tajima. No question. They make a point of offering it both hot or cold, as well as with dipping sauce or tempura crumbs, etc. And that's in addition to the ramen, sushi, shabu-shabu, sake (which you can buy a bottle and they'll store it for you for next time), the good Japanese beer, and the general ambiance.

          No, it's not as if you're REALLY eating in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, etc. But, that's as close as you'll get for San Diego.

          Give it a try. At the very least, you'll have a good time if you order right and you'll get out of there with a reasonable bill.

          If it's good enough for Japanes ex-pats, it's most certainly good enough for me ;)