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Sep 30, 2009 04:20 PM

Where to buy Marshmallow Fluff??

Does anyone know of a store in or near L.A. that carries Marshmallow Fluff? (Looking for that specific brand -- not Kraft.)

Thank you!!

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  1. Believe it or not, I've noticed hard-to-find Fluff in, of all places, the kosher markets on Pico. (I suspect that may have something to do with the type of kosher certification Fluff has.)

    Damn, now you put me in the mood for a Fluffernutter.

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    1. re: Arthur

      Yes, i've seen it at Kosher markets on Fairfax! HUGE jars of it too. The specific one i saw it at is on Fairfax, in between oakwood and rosewood on the east side of the street.

      1. I've seen it at some Albertson's

        1. Bristol Farms or Whole Foods.

          1. Cool! Thanks all! I'll check the kosher places.
            Looked for it at the Bristol Farms at Beverly & Doheny this past weekend, and didn't find it.
            But when I do, I will have my VERY FIRST Fluffernutter! :)

            Thanks again for the responses.

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            1. re: victoriashe

              Let us know how you like it! Fluffernutters rock!