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Sep 30, 2009 03:52 PM

Kosher Wedding NYC/Long Island/Westchester

Okay I know there are several posts on this topic and I've read through them... but I haven't quite found what I'm looking for yet.

I'm starting to plan my wedding. My future in-laws have requested that the reception be glatt kosher (they keep kosher in their home only, as do myself and my fiance, and have several family members that will only attend a kosher reception). Thing is, I just don't know where to look. We are definitely considering Crest Hollow. Other than that, I'm not sure. Long Island is probably preferable but my family is from Westchester so anywhere there and in between. Are there other catering halls that have separate kosher kitchens? I'm aware there are some good kosher caterers, as I've read about on this board, but if the hall doesn't have a separate kitchen, does that mean the food is prepared ahead of time? i really rather have the food prepared and cooked on site if possible. Or if anyone has any advice with just using any catering hall that says they do kosher, I'd love to hear. I'm new to keeping kosher, as is my side of the family, so I'm a little lost here. Any advice or ideas where to look would help. Thanks!

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      My wedding three years ago was at Marina del Rey. They have a separate kosher kitchen, run by an in-house kosher caterer (Paradise Caterers - ask for Moish, who was great to work with, although I'm told his partner is more difficult). It's probably more expensive than Crest Hollow, but it's in a prettier location (overlooking the water, rather than the country club's pool), has better food (they're known for their shmorgasbord) and there's only one wedding there at a time, unlike Crest Hollow where there can be two going on simultaneously in different wings. If you do go with Marina, skip the extra options at the shmorg, as the regular one is quite over-the-top as it is - people still comment on ours, and we went with just the 'basic' option.

    2. Our son got married at Crest Hollow a few years ago in January. I have no idea what the "other side" paid, but they said that they got an absolutely FANTASTIC deal in January, as that was considered "off season" for that venue. We were very satisfied with all of the food and service, as well as the rooms themselves; an added bonus was that we were the ONLY party in the entire venue, so we could pick whatever rooms we wanted (there are at least three very large rooms for the main meal, the chuppa, the "shmorg," etc.) and we had run of the place with no other parties getting in the way of the photographer, etc. A kosher wedding cake, chuppa, and all liquor - including a small martini bar - was included in the price, which I don't believe is the norm at other halls (I could very well be wrong about this, though). We - both sides as well as the choson (groom) and kallah (bride) - were all extremely satisfied with everything at Crest Hollow. This was a strictly glatt kosher event with a reliable hashgacha.


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      1. re: midasgold

        Sounds like they probably got a good deal during the off-season. Do you know if you they use another caterer for kosher? Thank you for the info about Crest Hollow, I've heard very good things about it. My fiance's brother had his bar mitzvah there 10 years ago, so that was the last time he has been to a kosher affair there, but has been to many other parties there that were great.

        1. re: ElanaSLP

          I'm pretty sure there's an in-house glatt kosher caterer there, Elana, but I don't really know as we had absolutely nothing to do with the arrangements (the "other side" took care of the hall, including the food/caterer).

          Good luck, and MAZEL TOV!


          1. re: midasgold

            We just booked Crest Hollow for my son's wedding next May. They were the most reasonable (for a nice venue) that we found. They do have an in house glatt kosher caterer who can give you all of the information you need on his credentials.
            Other halls that my son and his fiance looked in Long Island included Great Neck Synagogue, Sephardic Temple, Shelter Rock Jewish Center, Leonards. All were more expensive. You can google any of these places and find out their info. Or you can contact some of the Glatt Kosher Caterers such as Prestige or New Star and they can tell you where they cater.
            One question that comes up immediately is the size of the wedding. Marina Del Ray is beautiful (although more expensive than Crest Hollow) but they told us they wouldn't do a wedding with less than 300 (or maybe 350) people.

      2. My wife and I recently went to a wedding at the Lawrence Country Club which was well done and Glatt.

        When my wife and I got married about 16 months ago we used Crest Hollow and can honestly say they exceeded every expectation. Food was outstanding (according to ppl who both keep kosher and not, and us who got to eat a dinner several hours after the wedding) and the ambience was great. They even had a spare mechitzah when our florist forgot to deliver one, and a crowbar to pry open the broken limousine trunk. There price also could not be beat. I can not say enough nice things.

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        1. re: dfsny613

          dfsny613 - what was their price at the crest hollow?

          1. re: hasiny

            We had an afternoon wedding on a Sun. in June 2008 and honestly I can't remember precisely. It was well under $100 a person, though we sprang for some upgrades like sushi (which I really wanted and was ok) and a vieniese (sp?) table which to this day people still rave about. They were less than some shuls we priced.

            1. re: hasiny

              For fall/winter months, I was quoted 105 for Sat night and 65-75 for Sunday day at Crest Hollow. That's before Viennese table and any other extras you might add.

              1. re: ElanaSLP

                That price sounds about right. There may also be some bargaining room with those numbers.
                Also, just to clarify, the reason I don't rave about the viennese table is because I was so busy at the wedding I did not get to eat much, though the cake we did take home after the wedding was really good.

                1. re: dfsny613

                  Keep in mind these prices do not include service charges, taxes and other fixed fees. We found that can bring a $70 fee quote to $100.

                  1. re: flo220

                    dfsny613: Does that mean you paid $100 plus service charges & taxes?

                    1. re: flo220

                      True, but even with all associated charges Crest Hollow was still under $100 per person.

                      1. re: dfsny613

                        We got a quote from Crest Hollow, too. You'll need to add a $750 mashgiach fee to your total.

                        We are also thinking of getting a quote from Colbeh, which has locations at a temple in Little Neck and restaurants in Great Neck and Roslyn that are really very elegant (at least judging from the online pictures). My friend's nephew had his bar mitzvah at the Great Neck location a few years ago (they have a ballroom) and she raved about the food.

                        Anyone have any comments about Colbeh or other kosher restaurants on Long Island?

                        1. re: Jackaroo26

                          I got married at Temple Torah in Little Neck (Colbeh Caterer). They were accomodating with their menu, adding some traditional Aschenazi and other ethnic foods they normally dont serve. The food was just as we expected from many dining experiences in the restaurant. We had about 375 people and the area for the coctail hour was very crowded and there was barely an empty seat in the sanctuary for the ceremony.

            2. hey! if you're willing to look outside of ny - my fiance and i are getting married in may at the holiday inn, stamford (ceremony and reception) and we're using main event caterers. so far, we've been really happy with the people we're working with. both our families keep kosher, so even though we're doing a dairy/vegetarian meal, it was important to us to have a kosher wedding.

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                Never thought about a diary wedding since all that I have ever gone to was meat. About how much does a dairy wedding go for p/p? I am also curious if it is much more expensive to hold a kosher wedding outside of the NYC area due to what I assume is less choices/competition?

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                  hi i know this was long time a go can you tell what was the cost p/p