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Sep 30, 2009 03:10 PM

Take out/Delivery In Falls Church VA

I'm currently a grad student at the Falls Church Campus of Virginia Tech and I am in desperate need of good quick food. All my classes are right near the intersection of the Leesburg Pike and Haycock road and they're all either from 7-10pm or 4-7pm. I've spent every class so far thinking more about my empty stomach than the coursework and it's gotta change. So please, I need your favorite take out/delivery places in the area. If it's delivery I don't mind if it it's a bit of a drive, but for take out it needs to be within a mile or so of my location. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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  1. If you like Indian food, Haandi is good and it's right in that shopping center at Shreve & Route 7. East about a half-mile to a mile on 7 on the right is Nessam cafe for middle eastern fare in an old shopping strip right where the bike trail crosses over Route 7. Before you get quite that far, aslo on the right & just past the Volvo dealership is Sweet Rice thai restaurant (but I don't know much about it). I think Anthony's (Americanized Greek/Italian pizza and diner fare) in the heart of Falls Church delivers.

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      Sweet Rice is standard issue sweet Thai.

      Anthony's is nothing special. But it is food.

      I'm not completely sure exactly what the OP is after. Almost anywhere can be take-away. Why can't it be eat-in? Are you looking to eat somewhere before your 4-7pm class? If so, I recommend Luzmilla's, which closes about 5pm. Dirt cheap Specials. I am sure thay have styrofoam containers for take away..

      I also recommend a domino arepa at La Caraquena. Also cheap. Domino = white cheese, black beans. Venezuelan, so served like a sandwich. can be taken away, but this is more like 1.2 miles from your location. The tequenones (cheese wrapped in pastry) will keep your stomach from rumbling as well.

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        I second Haandi - take out regularly and the Indian food is terrific (plus walking distance right off Haycock, near the Giant).

        Also consider Whole Foods about 1/2 mile down 7 towards Tysons. They have an extensive and delicious buffett that you pay by the pound along with fresh sushi, soups, sandwiches etc. Very good quality and plenty of parking.

      2. A few places very close to you....

        Baguette Republic is not a meal, but a good hunk of bread or a pastry will satisfy your hunger a bit.

        Kennedy's Natural Foods makes a nice sandwich...get the Power Veggie or the Lentil Burger (much better than they sound), and dont forget to grab a giant cookie as well.

        Cafe Nessma is alright for mostly lebanese stuff. IMO it's a little pricey for what you get. The kibbeh in particular are pretty good.

        A few places a little further...

        La Caraquena has small portions and is overpriced and run by some not-so-nice guys, but the saltenas are the best in the area and the fried arepas are good, depening on the filling you get.

        Hunan Cafe is serviceable Americanized Chinese food if you ever get the urge for that.

        Baja Fresh ain't half bad as far as the chains go. It's the only chain I'd recommend in the area.

        Flippin' Pizza does pizza by the slice. I've been once. It's ok, not great.

        Meat in a Box does Persian-style sandwiches to go. Fresh, light, and reasonably tasty--nothing special though.

        Lebanese Butcher has a good chicken schwarama sandwich, good kibbeh, other lebanese stuff (beware garlic breath though).

        Crisp and Juicy and Super Chicken are as cheap and quick as you can get. Neither are as good as many of the other Peruvian chicken places, but both will suffice for a quick bite.

        Most of the best eating in FC, though, is just outside of the few mile radius you are in. How far are you willing to go?

        1. Oh yeah, delivery-wise I think you are within range of Hong Kong Palace- pretty good Szechuan food. Also Rabieng might deliver to you. Very good Thai food. They've got all the standards plus alot more esoteric dishes. Drunken noodles, panang, red curry with pork, basil-chili-garlic stuff, soups, thai's all good there.

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            I'd be greatly surprised if Hong Kong Palace delivers to the Virginia Tech location. Rabieng is even farther away.

            Pie-Tanza, makes a nice pizza especially if you ask for it to be cooked crispy. (That was a clue I learned from someone on this board, but I can't remember who so I can't give this individual proper credit.) It's located in the shopping center closest to the VA Tech campus on Rte 7. I have no idea about delivery. I'm certain they do a brisk business in take-out.

            Panjshir, somewhat farther south on Rte 7, serves good Afghani food. (It definitely splits the distance between Pie-Tanza and Thai Pilin.) Love the pumpkin dish (Aushak??) and the tiny stuffed dumplings (Mantu??).

            Thai Pilin is located on Rte 7 one block west of the intersection of Broad and and Lee Hwy. Perfectly acceptable Thai food, especially if you prefer your spicy food to actually be spicy. I believe they deliver. Definitely less sweet compared to Sweet Rice.

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              Anthony's also does a decent pie if asked to do it well-done.

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                Actually, my husband and I were underwhelmed by the Anthony's pie in spite of asking for it to be well-done. Admittedly, we ordered a plain cheese and tomato pizza at Anthony's and the Primavera pizza at Pie-tanza. So, to be totally fair, we concentrated on the crust on both pies when we did our compare/contrast. We found everything about the Anthony's version to be almost tasteless. (Incidentally, this little experiment took place a couple of days apart.)

          2. Lost Dog delivers, I am not sure if you are in their radius for either location (one is being remodeled right now).

            Also you might check out Dr. Delivery and Take Out Taxi to see if you are in their delivery radius as most businesses around here use one of the two instead of doing their own delivery.

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              Hey, kt, our Sociology major graduate son is the delivery guy for Lost Dog. How is their pizza?

              1. re: Passadumkeg

                I like it. It has a very doughy bubbly crust that I like, so if you like thin crust, this isn't the place for you. I REALLY like their cheesesteak pizza with garlic. But I like their pepperoni and normal pizzas too, but the cheesesteak is a real winner. I don't know if you can get their tap root beer to go in any way (that would probably be difficult) but it is really good, as well. They also have some sandwiches I really like.