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Sep 30, 2009 02:47 PM

Tipping on Tasting Menu

May drop in to WD-50 for the tasting menu tonight. Was just wondering, do you folks tip the 20% on the tasting menu or tasting menu+wine pairing? I personally hate dropping a few hundred bucks on a bottle of wine, already marked up a few hundred bucks.. and then tipping 20% on top of the markup (although I do offer sommelier a taste / bulk up tip to accomodate him)

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  1. I tip on the entire bill, excluding tax, regardless of what I ordered. Not sure why anyone wouldn't.

    1. I tip on the entire bill, including wine. I always think if you can afford the pricey wine, you can afford to tip on it and the service that comes along with it is always worth it.

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        ESNY and steph25 I agree with you completely. There is additional service associated with the meal when wine is ordered so why would anyone not include it in the overall tip. As far as the wine mark up issue, we aren't getting the food for what it costs the restaurant yet we still tip.

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          absolutely what stephanie said!
          if you dont want pay mark up stay home and drink!

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              I know, let's start a tipping board - or as we might say we're oh so on it.

            2. Interesting and often discussed question, and there are numerous answers. Buried in one of KT's links is an article from Frank Bruni about tipping on wine. What I get out of what his friends, experts and people "in the know" have to say is, it depends.
              We have a sizeable wine collection at home, and what we do sometimes is ask a restaurant what their corkage fee is. This gets around the question, "Can we bring our own wine?" If they don't allow it, they will let you know, but most times they do have an established corkage fee. We generally bring more unusual bottles of wine, such as limited production California wines that come from 9 barrel productions, not what they would ever have on their menu. We will leave a tip on the cc charge, but give the person who served the wine a cash tip based on 20% of what we might have paid for a bottle of wine.

              1. I always tip according to the customs of the country I'm in.

                I can't think of a country where I would not base this on the cost of the meal.