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Sep 30, 2009 02:21 PM

Best reasonably priced LOBSTER spot in Maine??

I've never had Maine lobster while IN Maine. When I was a child I would visit, but wasn't into shellfish at the time. Now I'm older and absolutely can't get enough of it.

I'm looking for a great authentic Maine lobster spot. Great views and authentic Maine atmosphere are huge pluses. Ideally not ridiculously expensive, but of course we're talking about lobster so I'm prepared to shell out a fair amount. It would be nice if we could walk around and enjoy the area afterwards as well!

What are the top spots around? Ideally not touristy, but just very real and relaxed atmosphere. Are there any nice spots overlooking the shore? What do regulars recommend? Would love to hear your recommendations!!


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  1. Sorry Cappey, but you are a day late and a nickel short. There are 4 seasons in Maine; Winter Mud Season, Black Fly Season and Getting Ready for Winter. You're asking in the preliminary stage of winter, Leaf Peeper Season. The Lobster Season peaked at Labor Day. All my tomatoes is froze and the boys is bringin' in their lobstah traps for the wintah. Many right purrty lobstah shacks have closed because the folks have gone ovah to tippi'n for makin' Christmas wreathes fuh ol' L.L.Bean, besides we know tourists tend to freeze solid in 40 degree weathah. Good luck findin' lobstah and keepin yuh buttah liquid. Bring some Old Mr. Boston with yah for antifreeze. It's chowdah time.
    Ol' Dumkeg
    ps, Deary, don't forget that the Maine coast is furthah than from Staten Island to Buffalo, but if you're goin' to the Little Boston area of Maine, Portland south, you might stand the chance of smellin' a faht in a gale of findin' reasonable lobstah, but still wear yuh union suit.

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    1. re: Passadumkeg

      Rock on, lobstah man. I could hear it.

      1. re: Veggo

        Downeast Maine ain't the 7 line to Queens w/ chow at every stop. We button up for the wintah. Gotta go get out my snow shovels, roof rakes and tune up the snow blowah. Lobstahs is headin' 20 miles off shorah as we speak to hunker down for the wintah, just like sensible folks.

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          Pass, in old NYC Chowhound parlance :"I've heard Tad's Steaks also has pretty good lobster."

          But nobody says that sort of thing anymore.

          If Portland Lobster Co is still open the Old Port is nice to walk around in.

          1. re: the_MU

            Tad's! $.99 steak dinner on Times Square in the 60's!
            The point I'm trying to make is that lobster and the coast of Maine is VRY seasonal; June to Sept., at best, 4th of July to Labor Day at worst.

            1. re: Passadumkeg

              Yes, there will be plenty of gales to faht into very soon.

              We haven't had a hard freeze yet on Merrymeeting Bay, but it'll be happening any day.

              This thread, from *today*, has some decent suggestions, as well as a few closing dates:

              Which was my point, and maybe part of yours, but I could've been reading in my own agenda :)

          2. re: Passadumkeg

            This is probably the funniest reply I've ever read on CH.

            We wander over the state line fairly often (but not often enough) looking for lobster. This summer it might not have been the best lobster but the best lobster eating by locals we enjoyed was the Tenants Harbor firemen's lobster benefit dinner in July.

            I can tell winter's coming. After weeks of alternating clam dinners and lobster rolls at our favorite inland NH local places, my husband is suddenly in the mood for something else. He also requested pot roast for family dinner. Definitely, the lobster season is over. And he's been out cutting next year's firewood.

            1. re: dfrostnh

              Thanks, I attempt humor w/ information; sometimes I feel I just ruffle feathers. Many summer tourists don't realize that by the end of October, Bar Harbor has many store fronts boarded up and looks like a town in Florida waiting to ride out a hurricane.
              Maybe I should just go do something more worthwhile, shut up, and go get my lobster rolls at Mc Ducks and Quiznos.

        2. re: Passadumkeg

          you are funny....
          Well said..
          Keep up the good work...

        3. Where in Maine are you gonna be, Sage? I know me some wicked good places, but you probably can't get theyah from where you're at.

          1. Lobster is available in Maine year round. There are plenty of lobstermen that are always out on the water. There may not be many of them but Monhegan lobstermen only go out in the winter. And this time of year the lobsters are still molting so soft shells are still available if you prefer those.
            While a lot of lobster places are seasonal a lot of them are open through Columbus Day. Plenty of leaf peepers want lobster. To point you to these places though some more info is needed about your trip. Maine is big. What area are you visiting?

            1. You're willing to shell out and have an out of body experience? If you can't get enough of it you may be riding the bus home.
              If they told every New Yorker where the locals go then it would become the next tourist trap, no? I'll bet there are no top spots that aren't touristy. Have you seen my Maine food places, map?
              BTW, Mainards, look out! A Texan is coming your way! However, lobsta is not my favorite sea creature.

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              1. re: Scargod

                Tex, it is Maniac, not Mainaird, yes you eat little lobster, but drink like a fish.

                As to the op, of course it is possible to get lobster year round, but w/ regards to the second paragraph, most of the coastal shore "shacks" are rapidly closing, and as oft repeated, Maine is a big place. Eighty five percent of the lobstermen have their gear out of the water by November. The other 15% go off shore and haul the more expensive hard shells. The price per pound goes up a lot in the winter.
                More info is indeed needed. Resonably priced is very vague too. What is reasonable to New York, southern Maine and Downeast are 3 very different things.

              2. For all of Ol Dumkeag's ramblings, I'd agree that yes, there are still some reasonable places where the lobster's are still coming in (as mentioned, soft shells for the most part, which I personally prefer; and market price is pretty inexpensive right now), particularly from the mid-coast southwest. For example, I'm pretty sure that Five Islands Lobster Co. near Georgetown will be open for a few more weeks; and one of my favorites, Dolphin Chowderhouse in S. Harpswell will be open until Thanksgiving. There are a number of places on Commercial St. in Portland which, while not quite as scenic, can still be counted on to produce the "bug" you're salivating for. So much depends on when you're coming, and how far downeast toward Ol Dumkeag you're going.

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                1. re: mainemal

                  I really like 5 Islands. It seems, naturally, that the further north and off the big tourist trail on is, the earlier places close. I get my lobsters from my students a $2/lb, but that will end this month. Scallop season is short and spotty this year and many local clammers have switched to wormin' because to all the red tide. I'm getting depressed. Time to go mushroom picking, bird hunting or fishing!