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Sep 30, 2009 02:14 PM

Oyster Season!

I think I had some of the best at M sur Masson last Saturday, but can you guys think of anywhere else in the area of Hotel Le Germain?

I am from the North eastern region of Montreal and not familiar with all the places.

I am bringing a business guest from San Francisco and would like to have something to wow.

Thanks you guys!

BTW, we had the best food, wine and service at M sur! I am a fan of them and wasn't disapointed this time around either!

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  1. Joe beef and liverpool House have uber fresh oysters. (Notre dame and Charlevoix)

    L'orignal (on St. Alexis) in the old port has one of the best educated oyster shuckers (just came third at the world's in PEI).... and their oysters are expertly opened and a great selection....

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    1. re: KzenCass

      I agree! You'll have a great meal and a great time at both of these restaurants. You can also go to McKiernan's, which is the third restaurant in the Joe Beef trinity, and they'll serve you up the same oysters plus a cheaper menu. At l'Orignal you'll learn all about the different oysters in addition to eating them, which is a great plus!

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        I had diner at Joe Beef on Wednesday, they had 3 varieties of oysters, all from New Brunswick and they were all excellent.

        I would highly recommend this place if your looking for oysters

      2. I think San Francisco would have fresher oysters than Montreal (and a larger selection too), so maybe you should select something other than oysters to wow your guest.

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        1. re: souschef

          While I agree that San Fran would have fresher west coast oysters (hog island for example), i find that statement odd as our east coast oysters (PEI, NB, maine, wellfleets) in Montreal are extremely fresh and delicious as long as they are properly handled and shucked.... also they are completely different oysters in flavor profile and texture to their west coast cousins..... we in montreal get some of the best... while our Kushi's and kumomoto's are imported they are also very fresh (flown in)...

          1. re: KzenCass

            You have a point, of course. Guess I was lookng at it from the perspective of the sushi I have had in Montreal vs the sushi I have had in SFO, which of course is a totally different thing. I stand corrected.

            1. re: souschef

              ha :) i get your point, that also can be interesting discussion. i have had great and sub par in both cities. although there is an advantage to San Fran on that level.

        2. Thank you everyone! I will take the Joe Beef areas in serious consideration.
          My mouth is already watering at the though of biting into them gently and getting that taste of watery saltiness(inventing words?) and exquisite flavours.