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Sep 30, 2009 02:14 PM

Best cheese shop and bakerie in the 3rd

Any suggests for best cheese, bakery and chocolate shops.

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  1. I heard about a foie gras restaurant in Paris, but I don't have the name. Any suggestions?

    1. Check my maps of bakeries and cheese shops at

      I don't know the foie gras restaurant you're talking about. Many places do great foie gras, such as Joséphine (terrine), Le Quincy (goose), or Chez l'Ami Jean (roasted whole for two).

      1. For bakerie in the 3rd, i don't know.

        But the best in Paris is :

        Le Grenier de Félix
        64 Avenue Félix Faure
        75015 Paris

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          A very bold statement, the best, WOW. While perhaps not the best, a delightful bakery In the 3rd, Les Pains and Les Idees, beautiful shop quite near Jacques Bonsergent metro on ligne 5. Manager who always seems to be there, speaks excellent English and is very helpful. For cheese on Rue Bretagne Jouannault is good. Being the metro and bus system in Paris is so good, l would not get hung up about doing stuff in your immediate vicinity. You can get almost anywhere cheaply and easily with the transit system here, and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

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            I agree about Fromagerie Jouannault -- 39 Rue de Bretagne. Many many good shops along this street as well.

            Here's a pic (mmmmm!):


        2. I have found a very nice boulanger. Crispy croissants and great bread. L'Atelier Boulanger du Marais on Rue Turenne. It has a lovely painted glass ceiling and very nice owners who put up with my french.