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Sep 30, 2009 01:15 PM

Tommy's Coal Fired Pizza - Red Bank

Literally stumbled across this, opening in Dec '09 -

Anyone have any further info?

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  1. Tommy's Coal Fired ( opening Dec 09 )

    Pizza Fusion ( organic franchise i believe,opening late 2009)
    95 Broad St
    Red Bank

    Pazzo (Coal Fired) opening early 2010?

    and apparently another one which i don't know? Can you fill in the blank?

    Will 2010 bring great pizza to Monmouth Co.?Somehow I doubt it.

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    1. re: xny556cip

      The blank (I think) would be Pacini's, at the other end of town near the Post Office. Haven't tried any of them yet, but certainly am interested in hearing from others. Also, FYI, Chiafullo's (Red Bank Pizza) now has new owners and a new name "Mangia Mangia" I believe.

    2. Yes, Tommy's coal fired pizza is opening in Red Bank!! Aiming to open the first week in December !! Website is They also have a full liquor license. Looked into the space & it looks great!

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      1. re: what bites

        Can't say if the website looks like the most generic pizza site design available or that of a chain restaurant... anyone?
        Also, I assume Tommy's going into the 2Senza space in the Galleria, or one of the other empty spaces?

        1. re: aklein

          Looks like the website is still in the works.....none of the links work yet. The guys sound like they know what they are doing....and as I said, the space looks great.

        2. re: what bites

          Another place that seemingly can't get it right before they open?
          The website states:
          "We use a coal burning oven, the way it was done in Naples, Italy since 1889."

          Only wood burning oven are / have been traditionally used for Neapolitan Pizza.
          Coal fired is an American derivative and produces a different type of pizza .Go to Naples and do some research.Alternatively check out A Mano in Ridgewood NJ for Neapolitan pizza or Il Pizzaiolo in Pittsburgh.These people know what they are talking about.

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