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Sep 30, 2009 01:14 PM

Boeuf Bourguignon in a Crock Pot for Shabbat?

My daughters and I saw "Julie and Julia" and have been thinking about this dish ever since. We thought that it might be a nice change of pace from cholent and were thinking of making it this weekend for Shabbat Sukkot. What's the consensus about cooking this dish in a Crock Pot and serving for Shabbat lunch? And would you substitute beef fry for the bacon, or just leave it out?

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  1. BB is basically the beef stew of France. Add crushed tomatoes and paprika and it's Hungarian goulash. You shouldn't make it out to be too mystical and there's no reason not to do it in a crock pot. It's one of those dishes that works better the next day. The key is that you want to caramelize your onions and brown your beef before adding to the pot. If you're including mushrooms, well, they may turn to mush, but not in an offensive way.

    Don't psych yourself out. We have friends from France who are real foodies and who never make it the same way twice.