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Sep 30, 2009 01:08 PM

Great Cakes in Westport?

Hoping someone can give me a reccomendation.
I am planning a baby shower and would love one of those fun and elegant cakes, like the ones you see on FoodTV or Cake Boss. I have heard a few people talk about Great Cakes in Westport.
Are they expensive?
Are they tasty?
Any Favorite flavors?

Thanks for all your help.


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  1. Can't answer you specifically about Great Cakes in Westport, but if CHers don't give you a thumbs up, you can try Cake Boutique in Wilton. We used them for a cake for a surprise party for my father-in-law and we were VERY pleased. The cake was fun, delicious, and reasonably priced, and while it might not have had the finesse of a Charm City Cake, it definitely looked better than a Cake Boss concoction.

    1. Like hungry kids, jfood cannot comment on Great Cakes, but if you want a great cake you can try SONO Bake Shoppe in Norwalk just off Water Street across from SONO Seafood.

      And if you want magnificent cakes go to Good Food Store in Darien. They make the most delicious and gorgeous cakes.

      1. I've had Great Cakes in the past, don't think they are anything special, I'd look elsewhere. I've never had a cake at SONO Bake Shoppe, but their breads and fruit desserts are wonderful.

        1. Vastly overated. supposedly famous for their buttercream icing and chocolate mousse cake, but found it just ordinary for my mother's 90th birthday party. Looked far better than it tasted. The brownies, however, are lucious.

          There's a bakery in Mamaroneck that makes magical cakes to die for... can't think of the name ... but it's the cake that Scotts Corner Market sells -- between New Canaan and Pound Ridge. The chocolate rasberry will haunt your memory for weeks after tasting. It is fun and elegant and unforgettable.

          1. This thread just brought back a very old and funny memory. When S, now a college grad, was maybe 4 or 5, we threw him a dinosaur-themed birthday party and ordered a cake shaped as a dinosaur from Great Cakes. We didn't specify a color; the cake turned out to be blue. S was very distraught--didn't everybody know that dinosaurs were green? (Obviously this predated Barney, and no, he didn't major in Paleontology.) I have no idea how good their cakes are, but if you're looking for a dino, be sure to specify the color!