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Sep 30, 2009 01:00 PM

100 Person Wedding in BK? With outdoor space. Where to go?


Me and my fiancee are planning to wed in the spring. We have been racking our heads trying to come up with cool retaurants in BK to get married. We expect about 100 people. We've looked into the Boathouse in Prospect Park, Cafe Dumont (too small), Flatbush Farm (possibility), but was curious if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ici and Frankies 457 both handle weddings and have outdoor space. At that size think about restaurants you like and ask if they would close for your event.

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      Anybody know how many people ICI and Frankies 457 fit? This question comes up periodically, and it's not listed on their sites.

    2. Frankie's is going to be too small for you, but it is a super space and their party menus are super reasonable. Joya, River Cafe, Relish (Williamsburg), Alma (Red Hook), Farm on Adderly (Ditmas). Outside space + 100 people is a tall order (I included better than decent food as a criteria). Good luck.

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        have to admit I wasnt thinking about an event with a seated dinner, more with a bar and passed canapes or buffet serving with folks milling around. At that size I guess you have looked at the BBG and Ethical Culture, right?

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          I haven't looked at Ethical Culture. Do I have to be a member or something to have an event there? Do they have an outside space? I've seen some pictures online and it looked cool.

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            Im confident they rent to outsiders - its probably a big cash cow to them - yes they have an outside space


            bty this is all offtopic for chowhound unless you start talking about food

      2. Five Front in Dumbo may consider renting you the entire restaurant. Their outdoor space is gorgeous. I was there for a party last year, and they had a bar outside in the back. Everyone enjoyed it and the food was good too.

        1. My wife and I got married in the Picnic House in Prospect Park. Easily fit 125 guests.... it's a lot bigger than the boat house. We had a great experience.

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            It's so nice that you are able to say you had a great experience. Can/Did you get your own caterers/decorators?

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              We did the decorating and music ourselves. The Picnic House has a list of approved caterers you must pick from. We interviewed a bunch and in the end chose Charles Susswein of Park Slope, who was FANTASTIC. I cannot rave enough about his service. Someday for a special occasion I hope to hire him to cook a private dinner for my wife and some close friends.

              In general, the Picnic House is a big blank canvas, which we liked because we wanted to create our own vibe. The building itself is so lovely, and the park is such a nice setting. We were lucky enough to have a fresh blanket of snow for our February wedding, and a roaring fire in the fireplace.

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                Chorosch...can you tell me approximately how much Charles Susswein charged per person. i want to try to use someone in my family who is a caterer but having some difficulty with the picnic house allowing it. thank you.

                1. re: pitakidd

                  You know, I don't remember exactly what we paid. We didn't do a sit down dinner, it was lots of hors d'oeuvres and carving stations, sandwiches, etc. I can e-mail him if you want. He was really flexible. I imagine the price per person varies widely depending on what you want.

                  But let me say, he was a lot cheaper than the other places we interviewed. Our wedding was not all that expensive. I don't think the Picnic House will let you bring in outside caterers, but what I liked about Chuck was that he came over to our house a few times for meetings, and our tasting was in his house in Park Slope. After a while, it really felt like working with a friend rather than a caterer. And his staff was great.

                  1. re: chorosch

                    I am looking to do hors d'oeuvres and carving stations as well. If you could email him that would be awesome. thank you so much for your help. Would 150 fit into the space?

                    1. re: pitakidd

                      Actually, I just checked and he has a website now:


                      Also, if you google the picnic house you can get a bunch of information. 150 will definitely fit. We had 125 and there was plenty of space, even though I couldn't really picture it until I got there.

          2. My friends went to a wedding party at Aurora in Williamsburg and said it was fantastic. It has a lovely patio.