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Sep 30, 2009 12:40 PM

Searching for Metro Accessible Restaurant

A group of 10 or so is looking for a Metro accessible restaurant in DC in which they would not be embarrassed to get a little noisy and where the food is chow worthy and the wine list is very good.

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  1. Proof, Oceanaire, Oya, Zaytinya, Blue Duck Tavern, Rasika, Tosca, and Kinkeads all come to mind.

    1. Dino or Central would work.

      1. I would look into reservations at Rasika, Oyamel (maybe not wine but the drinks are fun), Proof, and Central.

        If you are willing to trade wine for delicious beer then you should check out Brasserie Beck.

        1. definitely proof. the 70-plus-page wine list is top of the line, as is the food.

          1. I'll add Sonoma to the list, their large tables are fun- can easily hold ten, and they have a nice lounge upstairs so you don't have to hold a table if you want to linger. And a very nice wine list.

            I will second Dino enthusiastically! Central is a nice choice, as well, depending on the table- see if you can get the table behind the metal bead curtain.

            Does Proof have larger tables? I don't remember them having table space that looked large.

            I haven't been to 701 before since to remodel but they always had a nice wine list previously- although it used to be rather quiet, I don't know how boisterous one could get there.

            You might consider Cafe Atlantico, as well, but Sonoma would be my top choice.