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Sep 30, 2009 12:33 PM

Frank's Red Hot?


Does anyone know where I can purchase Frank's Red Hot in Florida?


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  1. The Hot Sauce? I see it in all the major chains stores but I get it usually at Publix.

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    1. just got some a Lantana publix 2day

      1. Heck even Costco has this in BULK. If you can't find it your not looking. It IS EVERYWHERE

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        1. I get it at the MacDill AFB commissary (in Tampa).

          1. Just about any grocery store. Crystal is better...

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            1. re: Sativa

              There's a lot of variety in hot sauces so "better" is really just a matter of personal preference. For me, chicken wings just aren't right without a sauce made from Frank's and melted butter. But that's just me.

              1. re: RickL

                Yummmmm, I agree! I might have to make a batch for lunch. I also add a touch of vinegar.

                1. re: RickL

                  Tabasco is the best hot sauce ever invented, period.

                  1. re: Blind Mind

                    See - for me Tabasco is all heat and not much flavor. I used a lot of it in the past but not any more. I'm also a big fan of Sriracha.

                    1. re: RickL

                      Couldnt disagree more. Tabasco tastes different on different foods. A few of my favorites are pizza, burgers, eggs, and chicken salad (I use Tabasco to minimize mayo content).

                      1. re: RickL

                        For me, I douse wings in Sriracha and rice wine vinegar, and add a head or so of minced garlic. Marinate for a few hours and grill over low heat for 30-40 minutes. Hot damn!

                    2. re: RickL

                      Louisiana brand 'Wildly Wicked' wing sauce is the best. Give it a try.

                      1. re: freakerdude

                        freakerdude - is it available locally?

                        1. re: RickL

                          Every Publix in my area carries it. I used Texas Pete in the past but this is much better. Like you said, it just a matter of one's preference.