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Sep 30, 2009 12:06 PM

Brewers Art lately?

I have a gift certificate for Brewers Art and plan on going with wife very soon. I know they have changed chefs in last couple of years and was wondering if anyone has recent reports on food. I have been many times in past for quick grub (burgers,mussels, frites,etc.) but have never done the full sit down dinner. And I know the beer is more than excellent!!! Thanks. jck

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  1. The food is consistently very good, IMO. My wife and I just had dinner there last week (we mostly go for the pub grub, too), but treated ourselves to a rather remarkable dinner. We shared a couple of apps -- Blue Crab Ravioli and the mussels -- both excellent. The ravioli were loaded with crab and the broth of the mussels was phenomenal. I had the lamb couscous entree and my wife had the halibut. Both were great, but I just looked at the menu online and they seemed to have very recently made some changes. Regardless, you're likely in for a quality meal at a reasonable price.

    1. Was just there Sunday for the first time and had a pretty good meal. The blue crab ravioli was awesome and the pork carnitas were good as well. My boyfriend's steak frites were a little salty for me (although I have a pretty low tolerance for salt). I wasn't a huge fan of the current mussel broth, but they're changing their menu soon anyways.

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        Yes the entrees have changed today, Wednesday the 30th, and the rest of the menu will change next Wednesday. I just checked the website, it is current. :)

        Dave Newman has been the executive chef since July '08 (yes, I am an employee).


      2. we too dined there recently. We had a delicious meal of Watermelon consommee, Marvesta shrimp over fava beans, and those 18 hour carnitas. Steak frites was a BIG entree, and I could forgo the brown sauce myself, but can't argue with the meat quality. And I would also like to point out the very progessive pricing on the wine list. Sanity, unlike many restaurants (I am in a position to know what the wholesale prices are)

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          I wanted to get back with a quick review since we went last weekend...........We had reservations for Friday night and when we arrived the place was mobbed, especially the bar area. We were seated immediately and had a Beefeaters martini for the bride and a Proprietor (?) dark ale for moi. We then ordered the mussels to split as an app and they were great. The mussels were rather small but tasty and no grit...the broth was to die for and we soaked up every morsel with the fresh bread they provided. For dinner, we had the seared tuna and the steak frites.....everything was good especially the tuna. The steak was a big cut and done perfectly and came with the famous garlic/rosemary fries. We then split a chocolate torte for desert and it was very very good. So.....I do have one complaint about the dinner.....nothing, and I mean nothing came to the table other than the steak piping hot. The rest was warm at best and the frites were luke warm. Yes, we could have sent things back but the place was crazy busy and we were hungry. We both agreed the meal was good....but that kept it from being "very good". The funny thing is I saw the same thing from other, older reviews and this is something they need to get a handle on....just my opinion. With 2 cocktails/ 2 beers, dinner came to 100 before tip. We will definitely be going back but probably not on a weekend and for the bar menu and the BEER. Thanks for everyones input. jck

        2. We are from out of town went to Brewer's Art this past Friday before the symphony. Our meals were so good, I felt compelled to hunt down a past thread to let everyone know. We had an app of General Tso's Sweetbreads. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Awesome. We also had Cod and Tuna entrees. The meals were both delicious and clever with the ingredients.

          I must admit one hiccup. Our entrees came before I was done with my app. I hate that, but the food was so good I went with the flow.

          Brewer's Art
          1106 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201