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Sep 30, 2009 11:55 AM

Sugar Free Desserts in Manhattan?

My parents are coming up for Christmas this year and I want to show them the perfect holiday time, but my dad recently got diagnosed with diabetes. He's super bummed about no sweets this year.

Does anyone have great recommendations for sugar free options? I've heard about Babycakes, but what are their best menu items? Any other places you can think of?

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    1. There have been a number of threads on this topic on the Manhattan board over the last little while. Do a search for sugar-free and diabetic. You shiould know though, that many sugar free desserts are made with alcohol sugars, such as maltitol, which will cause a rise in blood sugar and should be eaten with care.

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        I'm glad to hear about maltitol. I perceive it as less dangerous than aspartame, can't tolerate large amounts of Splenda, and eat lots of Think Thin bars sweetened with maltitol as a convenient protein source and blood sugar stabilizer (and comfort food!). I have poor glucose tolerance diagnosed in childhood and am "prediabetic" per my endo, afraid of progressing to Type 2 with any weight gain or poor diet/exercise, so of course am concerned about the maltitol intake. Thank you for the feedback, I realize this is an old thread I was looking up sugar free dessert in NYC!

      2. As a patient of Dr. Atkins in the 70's, I've always been on the lookout for sugar-free. Unfortunately, Manhattan eateries were never good for this. While diners in the boroughs make excellent sugar free cheesecake and other desserts, like Georgia Diner in Elmhurst, Three Star Diner in Brooklyn, and Majestic Diner in Westbury (the s/f Napoleons are to die for!), your choices are limited to very overpriced Junior's cheesecake (uses xylitol) in Grand Central or in midtown and Sarge's Deli, 24x7 on 3rd//36th has cheesecake w/Spenda. Less stress on the pancreas for diabetics is organic sugar/evaporated cane juice which are UNrefined sugars. You can buy some desserts/ice cream/frozen yogurts at Whole Foods, Fairway Organic supermarket (upstairs) and whatever few health food stores might be left in NYC. Trader Joe has a few items. Cold Stone Creamery has one s/f flavor. Occasionally you'll find a sugar free muffin somewhere.

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          Out of curiosity, did you find the Atkins diet worked for you? I'm diabetic (insulin controlled) and obese and want to try it but the medical profession here in the UK is very anti Atkins.

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            Atkins isn't exactly the most graceful application of the high-protein concept, but it's certainly better than a diet that cuts out all fat.

            How about sticking with meat and fibrous veggies as much as possible, and keeping everything else within reason (ketosis be damned)?

        2. I am diabetic and have had no problem with the sugar-free low carb cheesecake from Juniors. Delicious. Can be bought at their store in Grand Central Station

          Regular Price: $34.95
          Satisfy that sweet craving without the guilt! Based on our popular original recipe, this Junior's cheesecake is low in carbohydrates (Only 3.2 Carbs per serving) and sugar-free. Made with Xylitol, all natural sweetner. Enjoy the creamy, rich and moist flavor - not the extra carbs! Appox. Wt. 3 lbs.


          Also check out
          Andre's Cafe & European Bakery
          1631 Second Ave
          btwn 84th & 85th

          great sugar-free strudel and rugelach

          1. You can very easily make something for yr Dad.
            Jello makes a delicious fat-free sugar-free chocolate pudding
            whip in some sugar-free Cool Whip...
            makes a yummy mousse.


            The Little Pie Company
            424 W. 43rd St
            btwn 9th & 10th Ave.

            a delicious - Sugarless Apple Pie
            24 hour advance payment required, no artificial sweeteners