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Sep 30, 2009 11:50 AM

Need suggestion for casual restaurant with good food in South End or Back Bay for tomorrow evening

Meeting hubby in Boston tomorrow late in the day. Looking for good casual restaurant in either the South End or Back Bay.

Thinking of Franklin Cafe in South End. Any other suggestions without breaking the bank?

I was also thinking of Toro but I read that it can get very expensive there.


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  1. Union, Coda and POPS also are worth considering (in that order, IMHO).

    1. I'd also recommend Myers & Chang for a fun vibe and Asian small plates.

      1. bistro petit robert! I am new to Boston, so I'm not sure if it fits in your area request. It is on Columbus Av. lunch and dinner are offered most of the day. our experience was very good vs food and service and when we return (soon) we will visit and expect nothing less.