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Sep 30, 2009 11:05 AM

What does guinea hen taste like?

I dont eat red meat, but do eat chicken( white meat only). Would I like guinea hen breast?

Trying to decide if I want to chose this item from a restaurant tonight.


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    1. re: vajude

      LOL. I knew someone was going to say that!

    2. Taste- and texture-wise, it's closer to pheasant than to chicken. The breast is definitely white meat: fine-grained, lean (a little dry, even) and mildly flavoured, especially if you remove the skin.

      1. IF you can get a proper grown-up bird that requires braising rather than dry roasting, it's a very firm, meaty meat, and the breast meat is not that different from the rest. Unfortunately, from my standpoint anyway, I've not been able to find mature birds (pintade) such as I ate in France, but only the little pale less-than-two-pound things (pintadeau) that are about as interesting as a frying chicken.