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Sep 30, 2009 10:58 AM

Denver, New Mexico, thanks

Thanks for the help on our road trip. Good stuff we found:

Best of trip: Bang! is great value, great food in Denver. Loved it. Good wine for $6 a glass? Yes. Food was very good.

We had outstanding Ethiopian at Africana in Denver (we were with a large group of people who had lived in Ethiopia and know the food; they chose the place, not us). Highly recommended.

Pretty good green chile cheeseburger at the Outlaw in Carrizozo, but a better one at the Buckhorn in San Antonio, New Mexico.

Wines at St. Clair Bistro in Las Cruces were surprisingly good as was recommended here. We do a lot of wine tasting on the west coast and we enjoyed them. Food was average. (Tularosa winery in Tularosa is one you should skip. Blech.)

Laughing Ladies in Salida was good, not exceptional. (Chef wouldn't let us sit outside, he said wife wouldn't let him do it.) Wished we had tried Me Gusta. Nice people, good wine.

The bakery in Pagosa Springs was terrific (north side of street, just east of downtown). The bookstore cafe in Chama, where we wanted to go, is closed permanently, btw.

Never found anything great in Santa Fe. Coyote Cafe was okay (others places were full/ expensive). San Francisco Street Bar was good food, lousy atmosphere.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. Glad you liked Bang! It may not be Denver's best, but it's definitely a solid charmer. And thx. for the Africana rec—there are so many Ethiopian spots along Colfax, and one always feels a bit of an outsider in trying to sort them out.