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good spot with fireplace?

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I'm hanging out with a dear friend of mine and I wanted to take him to a semi-romantic place with a fireplace where we can lounge and chat without feeling rushed to leave. Good food and/or a good view. Any suggestions?

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  1. Not sure where you're looking, but Digs Bistro in Berkeley seems to fit the bill. Very intimate, cozy space and quiet enough for long, leisurely conversation. They have a fireplace, but it wasn't in use the night I had dinner there. No view.

    1. I bleieve that both the Farley Bar and Murray Circle restaurant in the Lodge at Cavello Point both have fireplaces and a nice, cosy atmosphere.

      1. You could head to the Pelican Inn in west Marin

        1. Sheba's Lounge has a cozy fireplace with great, oversized chairs and frequently the romance part is taken care of by a great bit of jazz happening at the grand piano.

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            Second the Pelican Inn