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Sep 30, 2009 10:38 AM

Trip Review: The Gage, Publican, Alinea, etc.

I will review in chronological order:

High Tea at The Peninsula - I don't recommend this. I have had high tea in London and Toronto at the premier places and this one doesn't cut it.

The Gage - We had an excellent evening at The Gage. Great service and excellent food. We really enjoyed the roasted beets and house smoked salmon. We also had the bison tartare which was very good and the soup special. The only average tasting dish was the braised rabbit salad. We enjoyed great draft beers and the guys had scotch and bourbon.

The Publican was a great choice for dinner. The place has great decor and we really enjoyed it. Food was great, especially the pork rinds, and the pork belly. The beets were also a great choice. Overall we were very satisfied. We also appreciated the desserts and beer lists.

Alinea is a once in a lifetime dining experience that I highly recommend. We even purchased the cookbook and the chef signed it for us. What an evening!

Piccolo Sogno was recommended by our server at Alinea. Great italian food at fair prices. The pastas were great and the salads spectacular. They even have their own propietary olive oil and balsamic that is great.

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  1. Do you mind sharing your high tea experience at the Peninsula? My niece is turning 16, and she's one who thinks she descended from the Romanoffs (blame my sister). So we're thinking of high tea as a prelude to her Super Sweet 16 (blame my sister). We'll either go to 4 Seasons or the Pen. For all my love of all things at the Pen, i have never had high tea. Again, would be great to hear some specific comments. Thanks.

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      We did tea at the Peninsula the last time we were in Chicago. We are also from Toronto and have done at all the best places here. Agree it did not compare. The lobby is lovely but very open and lacking in the cozy or traditional atmosphere that I feel best suits "teatime". Service was a bit haphazard, and the treats were just "OK". Perhaps try 4 Seasons (though I have not tried it in Chicago, the Toronto 4 Seasons does a lovely tea)

      1. re: JToronto

        Thanks for your comments. We did end up going to the 4 Seasons.

    2. Just a snooty caution on the usage of the misnomer "high tea" v. "tea":