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Sep 30, 2009 10:28 AM

Macallan Kirkland 15 yr. Scotch

I saw that Kirkland (costco) had independently bottled Macallan scotch, aged 15 years in Bourbon and spanish sherry casks, and is offering it in Costco stores for 49.99. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Jealous. Our Costcos don't sell liquor. I love Macallan-15

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    1. re: smalt

      I think it's an independent bottling done by McMurray McDavid and distributed by Costco-Kirkland. The aging is a little different in that it is aged in Oak primarily and finished in Orsolo Sherry casks. Whereas, I think, regular Macallan is Sherry cask only and the Fine Oak is Oak cask only. I think I'm going to grab a bottle.

    2. The Macallan 15 is listed at about $80 and aged in "fine oak" and is decently regarded (double gold from San Francisco in 2008 and 91pts from BTI in 2005). But I think cannedmilkandfruitypebbles (what a screen name to be using when talking about spirits, no?) is correct: it sounds like you've got an independent bottling where they rested it in a sherry to give it a different characteristics.

      This is pretty common (and actually a respected tradition) with scotch: independent businesses will pick up batches and do some different blending and aging on their own to produce different flavor profiles. Sort of like someone buying up a lot of Jack Daniels Single Barrel and messing around with it.

      Sounds like a good price... I'd try it out!

      --Neal (Proof66)

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        some of the best Scotches i've ever had were independent bottlings. The Indy's aren't tryin to uphold a certain characteristic or to appeal to a mass audience. It gives a lot more freedom.