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Sep 30, 2009 10:14 AM

Reservations in Orlando, Disney?

Hi all. I will be traveling to Orlando the end of October to Disney world (2 adults). Staying outside the park (at a Hilton) but I will rent a car. I will also be attending the food and wine event there. I have been searching for some nice places to eat and drink! Sounds like the Ravenous Pig is a nice place to go for dinner one night. Do I need reservations? How far in advance? Any other "must eat at" places would be good to know about. Someone told me about an "Ice bar" that is unique and fun..everything made out of ice. Has anyone been there? Thanks much!

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  1. Are you looking for any Disney reservastions or just out side of the park? If you are staying in the Hilton at DTD that is still on Disney property so you still get to participate in the early/late park hours.

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      The Ravenous Pig is worth a trip and you will need reservations. Call now. I haven't been to the Ice Bar so I'll let someone else answer that.

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        I think the Hilton we are staying at is 17 miles away from the park. I will be eating in the park (at times) but I will go anywhere there is good food! I suspect I will have Disney burn out around supper time on most days, so I would like to leave an have a nice restaurant or bar experience too.

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          We always enjoy Emeril's Tchoup Chop by Universal.
          In the the MK one of may favorite snacks is a Dole whip.You can find photos of that in my profile and the image should have a link to the thread if that interests you.
          Both Boma (buffet) and Jiko at the AKL are well worth a visit. Bring your camera if you go as there is an animal observation deck in the back of the main lobby.
          The Flying fish on the boardwalk has very good food. In the Dolphin Hotel is Todd English's Blue Zoo and Shulas steak house.

      2. several good restaurants in celebration at the south end of World Drive. My favorites would be the Plantation Room in the Celebration Hotel and Columbia, a branch of the cuban restaurant out of Ybor City. Also Antonio (but I prefer the one in Maitland). Also, try to catch drinks at the California Room on top of the Comteporary in DW, either at dusk as the lights come on in the Magic Kingdom or for the MK fireworks (you'll have to fight for a seat but you can just go out onto the balcony for the fireworks.)

        1. If you want to eat in the parks or on property, the Disney Dining number is 407-939-3463. My favorite is Les Chefs de France (France/Epcot). I have never eaten at Le Cellier (Canada/Epcot) but I have heard great things about it.

          1. For reviews & menus on all restaurants on Disney property, you might find the link below helpful.


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              Unfortunately Disney reviews are often pretty scattered. A prime example of that is the reviews that the living seas gets. That kitchen is freaking awesome and the food is very good. A lot of vacationers give it thumbs down just based on price. IMO that's rather sad when the menu is posted right out side. Fresh fish is expensive. All ears is a great site to review menus. You can find a lot of information at the DIS forums as well. :)

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                Thanks! I don't plan on eating in the park much. I was hoping to find some other places to try. I will probably be eating lunch at the parks everyday though.

            2. Ravenous Pig is the place to go. If you are there on a weekday evening you can get lucky, especially if you are early, and still get a table, but you shouldn't take any risk if this is your only chance. This is NOT to be missed. I am partial to the gruyere biscuits. The charcuterie is good too. If you like sweetbreads, I do, the ones at the Pig rule. There are other great restaurants in Orlando, but a word of warning: avoid the "star chef" outposts (Emeril, Wolfgang Puck, etc) the food isn't what you would expect from star chefs, and it is overpriced for the tourists. Also try Coq au Vine for French, what it lacks in ambiance it makes up in quality. If you want to drop a lot of cash try Norman's, the food is good, but it's more about the hoity toidy atmosphere. For a fun Chinese dinner complete with live Chinese music and all the Asian ambiance you can handle, try Ming Court on International Drive. If you are at Disney and want a decent pint of something decidedly Irish go to Raglan Road at downtown Disney. For decent blues you want to go to BB King's on International Drive. If you want authentic Thai go to Thai Thani. Don't be fooled by the strip mall exterior, inside is all Thailand. It is one of the few Thai restaurants in America officially endorsed by the Thai government as an authentic Thai cuisine. And it has a lovely, fun interior. Hope that helps.

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                Thank you so much! It does help. No one seems to have been to the "Ice Bar" thing. I think I will post again for that specific info.

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                  I have driven past it (usually on my way to BB Kings) lots of times and thought it must be cool (no pun intended). Orlando is big on "theme" and "flash" so this looks like a perfect fit for the city. I look forward to seeing what folks say.