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Sep 30, 2009 10:12 AM

Seattle Cupcakes / Birthday Cakes

Hi Chowhounds!

I'm looking for the best cupcake place in Seattle. I'm not a big sweets guy but was looking to pick up something for a trip i'm taking. I'm originally from NY so I've had like Magnolia and Buttercup as a point of reference. I've tried Cupcake Royale here and thought it was okay but wasn't anything that blew me away.

I've gotten some recs but would love to hear some other opinions:

Cupcake Royale - are blue mountain huckleberry's indigenous to wa?
Macrina Bakery

Thanks to ALL!!!!

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  1. There isn't a huge amount of cupcake places in Seattle but the best I have had are Trophy and Yellow Leaf. Yellow Leaf is on 4th in Belltown by lower Queen Anne- which is across from Magnolia. Trophy is in Wallingford. Both have everyday flavors and then flavors of the day. I would suggest trying them both. Trophy is very decorated and has a distinct vibe while Yellow Leaf is a smaller shop that comes across as a coffee cupcake shop.

    Both Trophy and Yellow Leaf have websites- check them out*

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      Trophy is also now in U-Village and at the Bravern in Bellevue if they are more convenient.

    2. Pasta and Co. has my favorite cupcake. It's a chocolate cupcake [with cream cheese, I think] topped with a large amount of chocolate ganache frosting. It's a dense moist cupcake and the frosting isn't too sweet. It's the only cupcake I would go out of my way for.

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        hey all,

        Thanks for the great input. I also found this article that was a cupcake crawl.

        I'm going to probably try yellow leaf cupcakes since they are close to me. i'll update with how it went.

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          An update..

          I went to Yellow Leaf and got an assortment of cupcakes. They weren't too sweet and the frosting was pretty light and fluffy. They made it down to vegas in good shape but i would't say that the box is made for travel.

          The girls liked all of them. With those that liked spiced cakes really liking the tomato-soup one.