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Sep 30, 2009 09:59 AM

launceston place restaurant [London]

a friend came by to celebrate his release from corporatehood, so we went to launceston place to celebrate.

staggeringly wonderful, one of the best higher end places i've been to lately. i still can't believe the price: 24 quid for three courses (add 8 more if you'd rather have cheese than dessert). its advertised as 19 quid, but then cheekily its another 5 quid for vegetables which it would be silly to miss.

the potted foie gras - rich, unctuous, caramelly and swept clean by a class of tokay blew my socks off and it just kept getting better from there till the port arrived with a triumphant cheese plate.

here is the menu


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  1. Howler, we're a married couple from California and will be staying in the South Ken area from 23 October to 4 November. Have you been to the Queen's Arms Pub off Gloucester Road? Want to meet for a pint?

    Jan and Fred

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    1. re: California53

      isn't the queens arms pub off queens gate rather than gloucester road?

      sure, happy to have a pint - send me an email at

    2. Tristan Welch is clearly a very talented chef, however he was not working on our Sunday lunch visit a number of months ago.
      I did find fault with the meal, but tend to think it was just a blip in the normal quality.
      Value wise its on a par with L'Autre Pied where we had an excellent Sunday lunch.

      I tend to prefer the latter, but would return to both.

      1. I went to Kensington Place - it's owned by the same people. I had the Pork rillettes
        cornichons and toast to start, followed by the Sea bream chorizo, tomato cassoulet, saffron aioli and grilled potato and then Apple tart Tatin prune and Armagnac ice cream. Delicious!!!!!

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