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Sep 30, 2009 09:54 AM

Unpasteurized Apple Cider

Anybody know which orchards sell the unpasteurized cider? I'm pretty sure Cider Hill does. Any others? Cider donuts and Fuji apples are also a huge plus. Thanks.

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  1. Honey Pot Hill does, and they do have cider donuts, although sadly not Fuji apples.

      1. re: justbeingpolite

        Glad I could be the one to ask it for 2009.

        I actually found a couple of those threads in a search, but kept coming up with Honey Pot, Russell's, and Cider Hill. Doesn't sound like Honey Pot or Cider Hill carry Fuji's which is my favorite apple to eat.

        I've read something about Phil's Apples in Harvard making cider and also growing Fuji's. Anyone have a report on this place? Out on 117 there are at least 3-4 orchards in close proximity, I'd even pick at one and get cider at another.

        1. re: Ali G

          I was there last weekend. The Fujis were not ready to pick; you might call them and ask before going. They had plenty of cider on hand. Last weekend it was Mac-only. Yum yum, not to sweet and definitely not pasteurized. On previous visits I have also gotten comb honey, but no luck this time.

          I like this orchard very much. It is simply an orchard - no doughnuts, no kiddie rides. There is a map showing which varieties are where; the trees are well-marked. The owner is usually near the entrance. He is quite friendly and will direct you to the apples you desire. One thing that I really really like about Phil's Apples is they will pick no apple before its time. The Honeycrisps last weekend were amazing. I did go down the road and pick some Fujis at Doe orchard, and regretted it. They were okay, but clearly had not ripened all the way.

      2. Russell Orchards and Cider Hill definitely do. It's actually pretty hard to find these days. Not sure if either have Fujis.

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          Remember, your favorite eating apple may not make the tastiest cider. Your mileage may vary.

          Another option is the Franklin County Cider Day out in Colrain.

          1. re: okra

            Cider Hill farm had a new hybrid (gingercrisp I think) that was absolutely great when I was there a few weeks ago. They have a wide variety of apples, probably worth a call to see if they have Fujis.

            Cider was great.

          2. re: Chris VR

            got some from Russell Orchards yesterday. One big plus to theirs is that they use integrated pest control, so no spray on the apples!

          3. I bought unpasturized apple cider at Tendercrop Farm on Rte. 1A in Newbury last Thanksgiving. I'll have to see if they have it earlier this year, but you could phone them to find out:

            I didn't notice any when we were there last Saturday.

            1. Do any of the Farmer's Markets in Boston sell unpasteurized apple cider?

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              1. re: firestarlj

                Not quite Boston, but I've seen it at the Tuesday market at Harvard University (near Sanders Theater).

                1. re: firestarlj

                  I think Noquochoke Orchards cider is UV-treated instead of heat pasteurized. They go to a bunch of farmers markets, including Boston City Hall (Mon., Wed.), Brookline (Thur.), and Newton (Tue.). I also think that one of the stands at the Waltham farmers market (Sat.) sells unpasteurized cider.