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Sep 30, 2009 09:53 AM

Cemitas @ Venice and 405... are they gone?

The last few times I've tried to nail down this truck, they haven't been there. Most recently I drove by this past Sunday at 9pm. Other times I drive past anywhere between 7-8pm and yet still nothing. Have they moved? If not, does anyone know their regular times/days?

Thanks in advance, 'hounds
Mr Taster

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  1. The one by smart and final? They are there in the afternoons... not in evenings...


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      No, the one that Thi likes, in front of the psychic shop just east of the 405 overpass.

      Mr Taster

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        Hmmm!! I might have to hunt that one out... I think I recall seeing one recently, more towards Curious Palate....

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          Wow, this definitely dropped off your radar, Dommy... you replied to my prior post about the 405/Sepulveda truck with absolute certainty about the milanesa de pollo... are you sure you've never been here?


          Mr Taster

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            The truck Dommy refers to is the Angelica truck, and they are definitely a daytime only operation.

            Thi's truck at night is a different truck.

            This discussion has made me hungry for a Pork Milanesa.

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              Yup! My only Cemita experience on this side of town is with the Angelica truck.... Even though I pass several cemitas trucks at night around here, I prefer Tacos when the sun goes down.... which is why I tend to pass these particular trucks up...

              Sorry for the confusion! Glad you enjoyed the Cemita there tho'! :)


    2. it's the same truck that's at the smart and final on venice blvd in culver city in the afternoons. but yeah, i haven't seen it there in a little while. i did enjoy their cemitas about 3 weeks ago though on the late night.

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        Actually, they're different trucks...

        Mr Taster

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          Always easier to hit a stationary target over one that moves: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/593570

      2. Standard hours are either 8-10 pm or 10-12 pm, weekdays. Can't remember which. I think it's 8-10, maybe. You may be just missing them.

        Also, they used to be in front of the Avocado burger, but have now moved a block west, to a spot just, like, 50 feet east of the highway itself. There's sometimes another truck there, which sucks. The sucky truck doesn't sell cemitas.

        Last time I was there was about 1.5 months ago, so it might have gone since then..

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          Just got back from first fridays down at Abbot Kinney (Big thumbs up for Baby's Bad@$$ Burgers) and rode by the Cemitas truck near Curious Palate and there WAS A truck on Venice almost under the 405 overpass in front of the Psychic... I was on the other side of the road so I didn't see what was on the menu, but it was a plain white truck with no Cemitas sign in the back of it (So it def. is a different truck than the Smart and Final one). It had a name, but was barely able to make it out, but it started with a Z


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            Okay, finally got to try it this week... the truck is actually Yadiz and I don't think it's the same one because I found the Cemita Meh...


            Now, I will say he did everything to order, it's just it didn't come together... I much prefer the Smart and Final truck for sure...

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              Dommy, you often attach photos of your food visits, which I really appreciate. Re your cemita at Yadiz - it looks great for the most part, but the avocado looks like Fuerte. Could this have been the "glue" that didn't pull everything together? IMHO, Fuertes don't have the ganas to be in this type of sandwich.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                Thanks Bulavinaka! I have the world crappiest memory and pictures really help me jog it as well...

                I see your point about the Avocado and totally agree... but it was an overall thing. First the bread was not great, I am not the biggest fan of Cemitas bread in general, but this was a bit more toothsome than I would even like. The S&F truck always has excellent bread...

                Second, the Milanesa was not seasoned well... The breadcrumbs were bland and the meat not seasoned at all... like no salt...

                The Quesillo was just kinda heaped on... They were generous with it, as you can see... but it just kinda came out in cumps.....

                The Chipotle Spread was skimpy in the front, heaped on in the back...

                I know, I'm probably being harsh on a $6 sandwich, but there IS an art to these things.... and sadly they just did not achieve it...


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                  Wow - I guess a picture only can tell part of the story in this case. :) Still, I always appreciate your pix!

        2. I recently tried out the Pep Boys and Smart & Final cemita trucks in West LA. All good. Smart and Final only sold beef Milanesa, but I ate with now reservation. I also had a good cemita at Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica. Its on their specials menu and they do use the real cemita buns. The chipotle wasn't as good as the trucks but the chicken milanesa was excellent.