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Sep 30, 2009 09:48 AM

Cheese shop and Food shops in the 6th Arrondissement ? How about candy for someone who likes Hediard's jelly squares?

Okay! Thanks to Souphie and the others on this board I have lined up all my restaurant reservations for my trip in November.

Now: We'll be staying in the 6th, at L'Hotel at 13 Rue des Beaux Artes.

We'll want to do a picnic, whether indoor or outdoor, at least once.
And also I'll want to find some delicacies to bring back to the US.

Is there a wonderful cheese shop in the area?
A place to get tasty sausage?
Your other favorite picnic type of food?

I believe we'll need to make a pilgrimage to Hediard as well. Their little jelly squares are one of my favorite sweets in the world. Knowing that, do you have another confection to recommend?


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  1. l would go to Dubois in 5th at Maubert-Mutualite metro. Also Genin for jellied squares, the passion fruit, oh my.

    1. Hi Pauli. We returned yesterday from a great week in the sixth, you can take a look at the map i included in my trip report :-) For cheese Barthelemy is like disnyland, actually several goat cheeses will star later today when friends coming over.. It is in 6 arr very close to Le grande epicerie in le bon marche, which is a very nice super market, great selection but seemed pricy mainly on charcuterie/meats/seafood etc. For cured meats you should check Verot in the same area and Otezia which is a very nice Basque meats and condiments shop but about 20 minutes walking distance in the 5 arr (excellent duck sausicon). The BD Raspail market which is between Verot and Barthelemy areas u might find great stuff for picnic and cooking, again it is on the pricy side probably typical to most of the places in this area.
      If you are into ice cream and good desserts, try Le bac a glaces, good quality of ice cream, classic flavours and overall very welcoming place to seat and enjoy some sweets and coffee. Regarding jelly candies, i didnt look specially for it but on rue Cherche Midi around number 50 there is a small place that seems very "home made" with a great display of fruit pates and jelly squeres etc, u should take a look there, apart from trying of course the usual grand epicerie and Lafayette gourmet etc..

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        Thanks for those great suggestions.
        What a map!
        Can't wait to exploer these places!


        1. re: pauliface

          I never wrote back here.
          I did go to Barthelemy, and it was fantastic, exactly what I wanted.

          Next month I return to Paris....

          Delucacheesemonger, do you think Dubois outshines them? For what reasons?
          I could probably get there too and/or instead.

          1. re: pauliface

            Although I love the atmosphere of Barthelemy, I've had some disappointments. For Comte, Dubois is the king. Their aged sheep selection is also fabulous.

            1. re: pauliface

              l do for the following reasons, Dubois has the cheese l want in the condition l want it to be in. l would go for the old comte and old gruyere alone. He only puts out what is in perfect condition. His original store on Rue Lourmel is half the size of the Maubert location and again only perfection is sold. Dubois prices are also lower than Barthelemy. B has a woman in the basement l am told whose job is to chip very old Mimolette into poker chip size pieces for the trifling sum of 80 euros/kilo. B halves Vacherin Mont d;Or put plastic on top of each half, then his lid and sells each half for 40 euros. And lastly B closes each day they are open from 1 to 4, which is usually when l am in that area. The only cheese l get from B is his clacbitou, a giant for 12 euros, usual ones go for about 7-8

              1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                Well, given your name I presume you know your cheese.
                Dubois is easily walkable from my hotel (same as last time) and will certainly be close to on my way walking to somewhere.

                BTW I always get, if possible:
                epoisses, tomme de savoie, reblochon, something covered with ash, a little drum-shaped goat cheese, and whatever tasty little goat-cheese-buttons-covered-with-herbs. Those are my mainstays. Then I take it fromthere...