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Sep 30, 2009 09:31 AM

Breakfast for a large group in Oakland

Our staff of 12-15 want to have brunch together on Friday. Alameda is the most convenient area for us.
I need suggestions for a great meal, not too expensive, (we're non-profit folks), that can handle a large group. We'll meet around 10:30 and hope that the late breakfast time might make seating us a little easier on the kitchen/wait staff.

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  1. not sure about the hours, but Z cafe in Oakland is fun.

    1. I've seen big groups at Aunt Mary's Cafe in Oakland before, and at that hour, it should be fine. Just call them first to check and see if you can reserve a table.

      1. Jim's Coffeehouse on Lincoln Ave in Alameda. Lots of space there. Pretty traditional American breakfast fare if you aren't looking for anything too fancy.

        Otaez in Alameda on Webster St. serves Mexican breakfast.

        1. Dim sum at East Ocean

          1. You might check out the Terrace Room at the Lake Merritt Hotel.