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Sep 30, 2009 08:56 AM

Birthday dinner between Lax and Pasadena

I need help finding a restaurant to celebrate my brother's birthday.

Myself, my husband and my parents will be flying into LAX on a Thursday arriving at 4:50pm. My brother is picking us up and we would like to find a nice restaurant either close to the airport or on the way to the Sheraton Pasadena on Cordova which is our destination that night.

I am looking for a restaurant with a nice atmosphere that is preferably not a chain with prices at no more than $50 per person including a drink. My parents are not into Sushi or Thai. They have also never been to California.

I greatly appreciate the help.

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  1. I would rather dine in Pasadena than near the airport. And for a non-sushi, non-Thai reastaurant that represents California cuisine, I would recommend Parkway Grill. It will probably just meet your budget, depending on what you order.