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MSP - Just about done

  • TonyO Sep 30, 2009 08:04 AM
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To follow up on an earlier post, we have made the following reservations for our visit in November:

Saturday 11/21:

Lunch (still unsure, maybe Heidi or Brasa)

Dinner: 112 Eatery


Brunch: Hell's Kitchen

Lunch : GO VIKINGS !!!! (beer)

Dinner: Restaurant Alma

Any suggestions (or warnings). Thanks for the pointers so far.

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  1. Heidi's isn't open for Lunch, but definitely check out Brasa. Great lunch spot...

    1. Not sure if you mean that you've actually MADE reservations, or just made a plan to go, but you'll definitely want reservations (available online) at Hell's Kitchen for Sunday brunch. These look good. Plan on some mini-donuts at the Vikings game....