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Hyde Park / Rhinebeck

Heading to the Hudson River Valley for a much needed two night getaway. Looking for good food in nice atmosphere. Creativity without foam (emulsion?) please!
Tell me your secret places - I won't tell anyone!
Thank you,

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  1. Madalin's Table in Tivoli. Great food, local produce, contemporary but not cutting-edge, beautiful atmosphere.

    1. If you will drive south to wappingers falls get to Aroma Osteria. A little bit of Tuscany on the hudson. Went there last Saturday, everything was great. Super pasta dishes, try the tortelini in a cream sauce and see if yur brains fall out. Penne with seafood in red sauce is delicious. Sausage with broccoli rabe. You can't really go wrong here.

      1. You'll probably get other replies to this effect but since your header started with Hyde Park, you might want to check out Twist -- in H.P. on Route 9. A CIA grad doing nice American bistro food.

        Since you're talking getaway, a nice thing to do would be to go to Rhinecliff and have a drink at the hotel (but not dinner -- which isn't very good). It's right on the water and very lovely. You could do that around 6PM and then go to one of the Rhinebeck restaurants for dinner (2 miles away). Most people would contend -- and I'd agree with them -- that Gigi's is the best of the Rhinebeck spots.

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          Just a quick note (I know this is an old thread), Twist is closed.


        2. Just be sure to stay away from New World Home Cooking. It sucks beyond belief and somehow enjoys a reputation. Probably because of its owner/chef, Ric Orlando, who also has an undeserved reputation.

          1. I will echo Clambelly's sentiment and tell you to avoid New World, for the same reasons. I will argue that Gigi is not the best restaurant in Rhinebeck. It is very good, no doubt, but I like Arielle and le Petit Bistro better. AVOID Terrapin. Yes, its a beautiful place, but the service is a joke, and the food is even worse. Inedible at times.

            Better than all these suggestions is Mercato Tivolio, in Red Hook. Authentic trattoria fare from local ingredients, EXCELLENT wine list with very good prices. A no-brainer. I'll also second Madalin, which provides a very nice experience...

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              Yes, I forgot about Mercato. The food is wonderful, though I think Madalin beats it for atmosphere.

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                what are the complaints at new world? we tried it over the weekend and had a very good time. he uses lots of spice which is right up our alley. i have heard mixed reviews but don't recall specifics.

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                  davmar77, which location did you go to Albany or Saugerties? It's been awhile since we went to the Albany location. We had a good experience.

              2. Mohonk Mountain House (which I just recommended to a birthday celebrant as a city getaway) is an incomparable resort with excellent food.


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                  Yikes, I've heard and read too many bad things about Mohonk food to ever go there. I'm happy you got a good meal there, but several people whose opinion I trust have downright awful things to say about it.

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                      Mohonk Mountain House food is quite dreadful, at least for lunch when I've had it. Beautiful grounds, lovely place (though rooms not air conditioned, I don't believe). But food horrible, and very pricey. You are paying for the place, not the food.

                      Mountain House
                      333 Route 340, Sparkill, NY 10976

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                      Checking the board, it does get spotty reviews going back to 2002. I wonder if it's gotten better, or if I just got lucky?

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                        It's a gross generalization, but resort food usually isn't worth writing home about. It's usually copious, but "big" ain't necessarily "good." I know a million of you hounds are going to post now and tell us about resorts whose food is fabulous, and I AGREE that it's often true. It's just that it's too often NOT true.

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                          The food at Mohonk is definitely nothing to write home about...totally overpriced. I took my mother there for her birthday with several other family members and we were all utterly disappointed. I would definitely recommend taking a hike around the grounds, but eating dinner somewhere else.

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                        Hmmmmmmm. I need to differ here. The grounds, view and dining room is beautiful. The offer a fine dining option for dinner, but the food does not qualify as such. Lunch was really awful - institutional buffet. I did like breakfast.

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                          I'm sure you're right and I'm in error on this, hence my moniker.

                      3. Any word on Terrapin in Rhinebeck? Gets a lot of press...

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                          We like Terrapin. We've gone several times over the past 5 years and have always enjoyed it. It's not amazing, but it's pretty solid. We usually get a bunch of small plates. Once upon a time, they offered a dessert sampler with tiny portions of every dessert on the menu. That was fun.

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                            why not actually go to the cia for lunch or dinner if you can still get reservations? the medici restaurant is quite good as is, of course escoffier...

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                              We just like the total atmosphere of Rhinebeck. A very charming town. Any other good restos in town? Outdoor dining a plus...

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                                the local, which is here:

                                terrapin's nowhere near as good as the press, and definitely isn't worth a trip from far away *to* there, but is definitely good if you're up there.

                                and gigi's?

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                                  We stay in Rhinebeck at the Beekman Arms/Delamater Inn, eat at Terrapin our first night, then eat at the CIA the next. The area is gorgeous during the winter months.

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                            We had lunch at Terrapin on Saturday. I was a little bit disappointed with the atmosphere, hard to put my finger on what it was - maybe it's better in the evening. Wasn't in the slightest bit disappointed in the food, though. I had a smoked trout salad, and Husband did a build-your-own-sandwich thing. It was really clear that the ingredients used were top-notch. Portion sizes were also tastefully reasonable. (I'm a Brit and even after 10 years living here, I still find big portions startling, and often a sign of sub-par quality. Huge generalization, I realize, but my own experience finds this a pretty good litmus test.) Every item in my salad really sang out, and although the dressing was puckeringly vinegary, it didn't overwhelm. Husband's sandwich was delicious, but my sandwich was good enough that I didn't have Plate Envy.

                          3. Any skinny on Zen Dog? Nice outdoor area...Le Petit Bistro?

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                              Terrapin for lunch is just the bar menu, with outdoor dining or (often noisy) indoors; the dinner (in the fine dining area) is completely different, very pleasant but also much pricier.

                              For lunch food your best bet foodwise is probably Bread Alone, sitting in the back (including some outdoor seats in season), prices reasonable. Gigi's has very good food but is very overpriced, even at lunchtime; the rosemary french fries are exceptional; bar staff is nice. The Japanese (M-- something; it means "maple") behind Bread Alone does a nice inexpensive hibachi lunch--if you are 2, 1 have steak, 1 have shrimp, and split, and get the extra fried rice (as well as noodles that come with it). You can have the same food for much more money at dinner. The other Japanese, tiny place down Garden Street, may have better sushi; I don't know as I don't eat it. Aroi, the Thai restaurant, also has lunch specials, good curry as well as Phad thai, interesting pumpkin custard dessert (split it) but portions have grown smaller for the lunch special, dinner much more expensive. Fosters had decent sandwiches esp London broil, their specialty, and French dip, reuben, burgers, some soups, but indoors is dark and barroomy (except in the back, which is diner-y) and outdoors the chairs are very uncomfortable. Arielle has good food most of the time and is nicely designed, even if tables are very close. Lunch in the green room of the Beekman Arms is still quite pleasant. Calico has good food but tables really close together, and they haven't changed their lunch menu in over 10 years! The new Mexican on Garden Street is very pleasant with a nice staff but also pretty overpriced and fairly mediocre foodwise, many items taste more like Italian! Millhouse Panda, the Chinese, is mixed, some dishes good, many not, and its lunch hours are bizarre. The bagel shop opposite Millhouse Panda has good bagels, including with eggs and cheese, good prices, no atmosphere, can be hard to get seats; also, the bagels run out fairly early. The health food store (down Garden Street) has a little café with uncomfortable seats. Pete's Diner has good omlets; not sure what else is (probably the soup). Village Pizza is OK for pizza and carries Jane's ice cream; also may have outdoor seating in season in the back.

                              Le Petit Bistro is good if pricey, dinner only. The Local is also dinner only; so is the Italian down Garden Street (P something); have not been to either.

                              The Indian south of the village on Route 9 is reopening shortly under new management or ownership, with a new name. It used to be one of the best places in town, so hopefully the new version will be good too.

                              The diner north of town has just reopened; I haven't been.

                              new restaurant is opening in the space where the Starr Café was.

                              Zen Dog was pretty dreadful when I was there (twice); may have good music, though.

                              Bread Alone
                              45 E Market St, Rhinebeck, NY 12572

                            2. Has anyone been to 2Taste in Hyde Park (where Twist used to be)? The menu looks good and it's on Deal Chicken (Groupon clone) $30 worth of credit for $15. Claims to be CIA trained chefs.


                              1. Three years later...

                                I stumbled upon the Matchbox Cafe via Yelp reviews and was really impressed by the friendly service, fresh food and tasty coffee and desserts.

                                Surprised to not read much buzz about the place here on Chowhound, but if you're in the Rhinebeck area, this is worth the shlep. It's just south of the main strip (Market Street) along 9, with a sudden turn into the front parking area.

                                The owner, Sam Cohen (from the embroidered lapel of his shirt), a self-proclaimed "New York Greek Jew" mentioned previously owning/running a baked goods delivery business in Midtown East. While I wasn't aware of that business, I'm glad I know of Matchbox Cafe for whenever I'm up in the Rhinebeck area.

                                Dishes I've tried: veggie sandwich (more like a veggie pattie on a bun - tasty and filling), fried chicken (crispy and huge portions with a great tasting side salad - something about the dressing), french fries (fresh, not frozen, perfectly seasoned), chicken salad sandwich (the sliced avocado adds a nice touch/texture), split pea soup (straightforward and tasty, served with plenty of crusty bread), cheeseburger (small and tasty, but not memorable; comes with fries, which are so good they almost outshine the burger), peanut butter chocolate chip cookie (thick and chewy and quite satisfying), espresso brownie (rich, delicious and lethal - should be shared with others unless you want to be up for the next 48 hours).

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                                  Just to clarify....the restaurant is two miles or so south of the traffic light (the intersession of Market and Route 9) in "downtown" Rhinebeck. And it is very easy to miss.