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Sep 30, 2009 07:23 AM

NYC Foodie in Portsmouth, NH for One Night...

Where should I have dinner this Saturday? I've read through posts and gotten a few suggestions from people in the area:

Green Monkey
Black Trumpet
Anneke Jans
Pesce Blue

Can anyone give me feedback on these places? We are looking for great food in a casually elegant atmosphere.


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  1. Check out Gourmet Magazine (October) for article on Portsmouth restaurants.

    1. Green Monkey. Food excellent. Great service.

      1. If you have ever eaten Italian in NYC, you are not gonna like Pesce Blue - very mediocre, tourist oriented food. The only one from your list that I can say is above average is The Black Trumpet. I've never been disappointed there.
        Have fun!

        1. My top two would be Anneke Jans and Black Trumpet.... both are great!

          1. Anneke Jans is the best on the list. Great vibe, great service, great food. Don't miss the fried olives and the mussels!