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Sep 30, 2009 06:45 AM

Great BBQ!

Found a great BBQ place in San Jose called the Line Shack. Went to a private event that featured brisket, ribs beans, dirty rice, jambalaya and salad. All of it was deliciious. The ribs and the beans were the standouts for me. What I liked best is that the meat was so flavorful-- the flavor comes from the dry rub that the meat is marinated in, not sauce that is slathered on! (Although the owner/ chef gives you sauce to add if you want it but the meat's flavor stands on its own)

I liked it so much that I bought pulled pork and ribs to go. Absolutely delicious and it was worth my two hour drive to get to the restaurant!

There is lots more to try from the menu including several cajun entrees and seafood boils.

Check it out:

The Line Shack
826 S. Winchester Blvd (about 3/4 mile south of Stevens Creek)
San Jose 95128
(408) 244-2528

The Line Shack
826 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

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  1. The Line Shack is definitely worth the trip to San Jose - this is Texas-style barbecue and is the real deal. No liquid smoke here. The meat is the star. The aroma alone drives me crazy! The ribs and brisket are just delicious, tender, a lovely smoke ring, beautiful bark from the dry rub, not sweet and gloppy - this is the way I want barbecue, real barbecue, to taste.

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    1. Yes, the address is familiar per your link, but this owner has been there for I believe about 13 months. I hadn't tried it under it's previous incarnation and can only attest to it's current identity. It's all about the ribs and brisket...

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        I see you found it after the first one became a Vietnamese Crab House and went downhill fast.
        I'm not sure I like the new search results format.

    2. I agreed that the BBQ meats were very good. The ribs are fall off the bone tender and the brisket was tender enough with a little bit to it. Their sauce is a simple tomato base sauce served on the side. Wish they had a better dipping sauce.

      I was served their food in a buffet line so it was not as cooked to order. The dirty rice and jambalaya was petty plain. I did talked to the owner and was told he would cook it to to the level of heat I wanted.

      What was interesting was the owner chef who is from Texas and cooks with down home recipes is Chinese with somewhat of a Southern drawl. Very interesting.

      Really worth the drive down for. Lucky for me it is only 30 minutes.

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        1. My second time to The Line Shack. Learned some Californian's like me are used to sweet marinated ribs served with another sweet sauce and Texas BBQed meats focus more for enhancing the meat flavor and you add sauce if you want. The owner/chef is very nice and serious about serving a good Texas BBQ and a few cajun dishes. The catfish in the jambalaya is very good also. Fried pickles was interesting/ fun and if you like hot the stuffed fried chilies are good (can be hotter if you asked them to have more seeds left in). I would say they have been in business just over a year and are an undiscovered Texas BBQ place with a private room for events.

          The Line Shack
          826 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

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            Hey Beefstew: Welcome to the Chowhound board! I don't think I've met you before but I'm glad that you are a Line Shack fan as well. I love pickles and didn't know that the Line Shack makes fried pickles. Another dish to try. My hubby loves catfish and I didn't get any of that to take home. I'll have to make another trip to San Jose for more takeout. My daughter loved the takeout ribs that I left at her apartment. Trying to arrange a major event so we can take advantage of the private room catering but not sure we can manage the transport piece of it at this point.

          2. Dimsumgirl - the beans we had were pretty bland, the cole slaw was soupy, and the hush puppies were hard and dry, so we only liked the mushrooms. Sides are usually pretty disappointing, no matter how good the 'cue, it seems.

            That said, we have to say that the ribs, pulled pork, and brisket were great! Tender and juicy for the most part, with better smoke flavor than other 'cue joints like Andy's, Sam's, etc.

            And even though I usually like everything dry with no sauce, the proprietary BBQ sauce that Dave the owner makes himself is by far the best I've ever had: not too sweet, not too salty, not too thick, but lots of flavor. This place is a winner, overall.

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              Claudette, thanks for your reply. I'm not usually a BBQ fan but the Line Shack was so delicious and just yesterday I found myself craving some of those ribs. I'm surprised you thought the beans were bland because I thought they were absolutely delicious! I wonder if the beans you had were different than what I tasted. Because I was delivering the take-out to Concord and bringing some home to Sacramento, I didn't order sides to go. Didn't think they would stand up to the long drive so I can't comment on cole slaw or hush puppies. Also didn't try the mushrooms but I'll definitely have to give them a try next time. I agree with you-- the place is a winner. I wish they were not so far away from me. I'd definitely be a regular customer!