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Sep 30, 2009 06:36 AM

Dinner in Princeton?

LA Chowie in Princeton for a lecture on Saturday looking for a rec for dinner that night w/a dear friend. Looking for charm, somewhere we can linger and drink some good wine. Would prefer not Asian, Mexican, sushi. A local friend says Princeton isn't a wonderful restuarant town - can that be true?

Am headed back toward Yardley after dinner so anywhere Princeton to Yardley is fine. Money not an issue but I'll be in jeans and a nice jacket so nowhere stuffy, please. Thanks so much.

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  1. You might want to post this on the Mid-Atlantic board as well (assuming you haven't already done so). Princeton is in that "no-man's land" -- not really a Philly 'burb, and too far south in NJ to qualify for the Tri-state board. Most of the central NJ questions are posted to the Mid-Atlantic board. NJ really does need its own board.

    1. You might check at Ratz in Hamilton Twp. to see if it is located on your route... Food is excellent!

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        Thanks to you both. You're right - I didn't know where to post! I'll check out Ratz.

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          Rat's is at the Grounds for Sculpture where apparently we're going to lunch in the afternoon so good call. Funny name for a restaurant. I hope it's short for something!

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            Rat's is named after the character of "Rat" in the Wind in the Willows. Not anything to worry about:) They have a new chef, and the steak he served up recently at a tasting event was excellent.

        2. You might want to give The Yardley Inn a try. It's good, not excellent, but consistent. Very nice atmosphere and very pretty inside. It's right along the Delaware, so it you get there early enough, you'll have a nice view before going in.

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            I went to The Yardley Inn when I was in town in May and I'm happy to have a local Chowie endorse it. It was charming as you say and we had a very nice meal - I had some delicious scallops. They had a good deal on wine if I recall - can't remember exactly what - I believe a discount on bottles before a certain hour. Thanks for reminding me about this place. Now if you can only have the rain hold off!

          2. You should definitely give the Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell a try. It is BYO, so make sure to stop at a liquor store first. Great food and great atmosphere. I'm sure if you do a search of Chowhound, you'll see lots of great reviews. Good luck!

            1. Just another vote for The Blue Bottle. New menu has just started, I'm sure it will be terrific.