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Sep 30, 2009 06:34 AM

Baltimore breakfast sweets

I usually like a nice traditional breakfast: eggs, hash, toast etc. But there are days where I've earned a little indulgence, a little love, a little breakfast dessert.

Where in Baltimore is the best? Let's break this into three categories:

1. Donuts

2. Cinnamon rolls

3. Other (danish, bearclaw etc)

If you can source the original baker that would be helpful. I know many coffee shops around here are supplied by bakeries like Stonemill or the like. So if its clear a place doesn't bake, just ask who supplies their baked goods.

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  1. I buy my baked goods at bakeries and eat at home rather than eating in coffee shops, so this might not be terribly helpful to you, but here's my list:

    Donuts - Marshmallow donuts from Woodlea Bakery on Belair Road or any of the PA Dutch Markets around the area.

    Cinnamon rolls - Don't buy them, too easy to make myself

    Danish - Coffee strips (Cinnamon, Chocolate, Raisin, Cherry, Blueberry, Apple
    Prune, Mohn, Walnut, Raspberry, Cheese) from Goldman's Kosher Bakery on Reisterstown Road. In fact, I've never been disappointed with anything I've bought at Goldman's.

    1. 2. Blue Moon makes awesome (and enormous!) cinnamon rolls. I'm pretty sure they just take their biscuit batter, roll it, and add cinnamon and sugar and icings, but whatever it is, they are doing it right. When the line is too long, just skip to the cash register and grab a roll to go.

      3. Atwater multigrain scones. Often sold at local farmer's markets as well as the Belvedere square location.

      1. Similar to treetop tom'scomments about Woodlea's marshmellow donuts, the marshmellow donuts at the Fenwick Bakery on Harford Rd are really good Note, and this probably applies to Woodlea's as well, these donuts get stale really fast. You'll probably want to eat a couple in the car (with many napkins handy).

        In the "other" category, I'd check out Pariser's Bakery, also on Reisterstown Rd (I think), and also kosher. Their rugelach are excellent. My family has a secret rugelach recipe that is unbeatable, but barring a suprise shipment from my brother Lurker W., I'd be quite happy with a box of Pariser's rugelach.

        1. Bonjour Bakery on Falls Road has terrific breakfast pastries. Love the sticky buns, croissants and the danish.

          1. Patisserie Poupon on Baltimore St for croissants, pain de chocolat, and such. Wonderful

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              Wegmans in Hunt Valley has an impressive array of Danish's and sweets. They are decent if you get there EARLY IN THE MORNING weekdays say before the lunch rush around 9, 10AM. Get there at the lunch rush and later in the day, the variety will be less and I also feel the longer they "sit out" the less fresh they get. They open at 6AM every day.