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Sep 30, 2009 06:26 AM

Still great! Westphalia Inn - Westphalia, Missouri

I was visiting family in Jefferson City and last Sunday night we ate at the Westphalia Inn in the small very German town of Westphalia a few miles southeast of Jefferson City. It has been there forever serving family style meals with fried chicken and country ham. I hadn't been there for probably 30 years. It has new owners and the food is at least as good as before, greaseless chicken pan fried in lard in a cast iron skillet (the way it's supposed to be) and Missouri country ham (similar to Smithfield country ham, but a somewhat different cure). All you can eat including mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans (cooked with ham), and slaw for $13 apiece.

Pics of the town. Notice the houses built right up to the sidewalk which my mother used to tell me was very German.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have had this on my list to do forever. Weekend after next...

    1. Double thanks. Did you go wekick? We went yesterday. Beautiful drive and some of the best Chicken I have ever had. I did not care much for the other two meats that the waitress gave me a taste of.
      Enjoyed it though alot.
      Almost went on Saturday for lunch and I am glad I double checked the web site. Only on Sundays for lunch.


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        We had unexpected company this weekend. We had to go late Sunday afternoon to Columbia but ended up at Glenn's in Boonville. They have a family style dinner on Sundays too, and we had the fried chicken. It was really good and a little spicy. Good mashed potatoes and gravy too. We will be going that way twice in the next 2 weeks but not at the right time. I'll have to work on that.