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Sep 30, 2009 05:18 AM

delicious, yet low-key in cambridge?

I'm new to Boston and need help on where to bring visiting parents this weekend. We have a reservation at Oleana, but still looking for the other nights.

I spent a while looking at all your recommendations for Beacon Hill and Cambridge, and the most recommended places all seem to be in the range of $20+ entrees. Is there anything slightly less expensive that might fit the bill?

Central Square would be best, but happy to travel on the Red Line too. Many thanks!

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  1. Tupelo in Inman fits the bill. Low-key, fun and definitely under $20.

    1. This thread from a couple of weeks ago (with a nearly identical title!) has a lot of appropriate suggestions:

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      1. Two spots right on Mass Ave between Harvard and Central Square come to mind:

        Plough and Stars -- tough to get a true feel of the menu because there are several nightly specials which really add a lot to the offerings

        Garden at the Cellar -- a bit higher for entrees, but a lot of price flexibility given the small plates/apps/flatbread options

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        1. Definitely second Tupelo. I'd also second Garden at the Cellar, which although a bit pricier does have lots of options and you can easily make a filling and delicious meal from salad/sides/apps.

          Miracle of Science or Friendly Toast might also be be worth considering.

          If pizza is okay, there are several great options in Cambridge: Emma's Pizza (Kendall) and Cambridge 1 (Harvard) are my favorites for thin crust w/ fancy/unusual toppings.