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Dinner in Harvard Square...moderate prices

Howdy, Hounds...

Going to the Ig Nobels tomorrow night, and my friend, her daughter and I need a reasonable place to eat. I'm a little out of touch with HS...used to go to the extension school at night, but graduated a couple of years ago.

Upstairs On The Square would be great, but looking for a place that doesn't have $14 apps.

My friend is a vegetarian, but not a vegan.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Cambridge 1 for great pizza?

    1. Veggie Planet? They recently started serving wine and beer.

      1. I lean towards the Red House. Atmosphere is relaxing, never rushed and the I've always enjoyed any of their pasta dishes with shrimp. Nice dessert list as well.

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          I would not recommend Red House. I have found their food to be below average. I think there are better places to go personally. I would agree w/ Veggie Planet, Shays. I know it's not "in the square" but between Central Sq. and Harvard there is Garden at the Cellar.

          1. Here I go again...try Shay's pub and wine bar on JFK street. very eclectic pub menu, several veggie options, won;t break the bank, sophisticated wines by the glass, great beer, food is always fresh and tasty

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              Glad you posted. I've been wanting to try Shay's but the last time I was in HS, I could not, for the life of me, remember the location. I've now officially added it to my list.

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                yup, love it there. I always tell people that it is the last commercial building on JFK as you are heading toward the river. Can't miss it that way

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                  Shay's is one of my all time favorite bars. I havent eaten there in ages-so Im glad to hear the food is good!

            2. For pizza, I'd second both Cambridge 1 and Veggie Planet. Certainly no problems getting vegetarian food with that option, and both are reasonably priced.

              For something more in the style of Upstairs on the Square, you might consider EVOO, which has a $35 3-course prix fixe (always with vegetarian options. About a 10 minute walk from Sanders Theater up Kirkland St (away from the Square).

              There are also two good Indian options (in my opinion): Tamarind Bay in the square, and the Kebab Factory near EVOO on Kirkland St.

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                A little bit out of the square -- but Chez Henri?

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                  Chez Henri might be too expensive, but right next door is the West Side Lounge--very good food, cocktails and atmosphere.

              2. Thanks, everybody! Time will also be of the essence...I'll let you know how we made out.

                1. noir in the charles has a very cheap happy hour apps menu $5 and under.

                  also casablanca.

                  what about charlie's?