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Sep 30, 2009 02:51 AM

Newcastle Recs

I'm in Newcastle on business and wanted to get some recommendations on restaurants, hole in the walls, shops, etc.

I heard there's a good local food scene here, though would also be interested in quality Indian and Chinese--or any other non-English food.

Oh, and a fish n chip recommendation would also be appreciated ;)


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  1. i lived in newcastle most of my life and sadly can't think of many places to sugest! I am also coming up today and am on the look out for any recommendations. I usually go to Barn Asia (Vietnamese influence), the taff are lovely and friendly and the food is light and fresh.
    Terry Labourne is the only "famous" ish chef up there, and he makes good use of local products from in and around Newcaslte - craster kippers, venison from Keilder etc, but at a price. I thnk he also runs Cafe 21 in town - nice food but over priced in my opinion.
    The best fish and chips are a bit of a drive away - take a trip up to Tynemouth, Seahouses or Beadnell - I haven't found any decent ones in the city centre. There are a few down on the Quays too.
    there is a large asian community up in Fenham, so venture up that way and ask in the local food shops where is best to eat - i havent lived there for 8 years so am not up to speed.
    let me know if you find anywhere else - oh just remembered Francesca's pizzeria in Jesmond - cheap affordable pizza in buzzy local surroundings.

    1. I presume the OP means Newcastle on Tyne, not Newcastle under Lyme (the latter having nothing going for it food-wise).

      We had a week in Bamburgh earlier in the year and would not rate particularly highly the fish & chips in Seahouses or Beadnell (although one in Seahouses was not too bad - can't recall name but, as you come to the roundabout with the war memorial, from the sea, it is the one in the middle of the row of shops behind the roundabout and describes itself as "famous". The one to your left - opposite the car park entrance - is awful)

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        thanks for the recs. was curious to try one of the laybourne restaurants but ended up going to blackfriars last night, which i enjoyed very much.

      2. Lots of great food in Newcastle. As for Indian, my favourites are Khan's on Heaton Road (in Heaton) and Solomon's on Studley Terrace (in Fenham) -- should be easy to get to them via taxi.

        My favourite pub for fish and chips in the Newcastle Area is the Queen's Head in Cullercoats -- going out there also gets you out to Tynemouth where you can see the coastline.