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Sep 30, 2009 02:10 AM

Dining Alone in Scottsdale?

I will be in town for meetings in a few weeks and have decided to stay the weekend to explore Scottsdale and Phoenix. I am staying within walking distance of downtown Scottsdale and would love a restauarant suggestion for a 30-something woman dining alone. I travel a lot....don't mind sitting at the bar of a nice establishment to eat dinner and strike up a conversation.......any suggestions for a Friday/Saturday night? Somewhere vaguely hip without being too hip would be perfect. Thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. Digestif -- There is a bar that wraps around the open kitchen. Watch the chef at work and learn a little about the food, which defies categorization, but might be characterized as "farm to table." It's probably walkable from your hotel.

    1. Digestif is the first place to spring to my mind too--hip yet down-to-earth. Definitely not the stereotypical Scottsdale seen-and-be-seen kind of...uh...scene. If you're into watching the action in an open kitchen and/or talking to the chef while he works, Digestif is the place for you. Very good food and great people.

      You might also consider Petite Maison. I've only been in for an early lunch, so I can't really comment on the evening vibe there. The French bistro fare is less inventive than that served at Digestif, but I imagine that their bar would be a great place to relax and linger over a simple meal and a glass or two of wine.


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        Is there and menu for petite maison online?

      2. Third for Digestif! Hang out next door at Kaz afterward for a glass (or three). (You'll have to go around to the back to find the almost unmarked door.)

        Blue Wasabi for sushi is a little farther north, but not a bad cab ride by any means. Italian Grotto has pretty decent food, and sitting at the bar there is always a show when the owner's around. Posh has gotten good talk around here, but I've yet to go myself.

        You mention you're exploring Scottsdale and Phoenix, but are staying in Downtown Scottsdale. Are you looking for more recs outside where you're staying, or just walking distance?

        1. I always enjoy sitting at the food bar at Razz and getting some wonderful food. Shea and Scottsdale road.

          1. Digestif sounds perfect and I love that it's so close to Kaz for pre/post dinner wine. Thank you for the recs!