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Sep 29, 2009 10:12 PM

Camping Chowhound Style

The weathers cooler in Texas and me and the ChowChick will be doing a little camping this weekend (getting ready for Terlingua!) I am thinking a pecan crusted chicken and a baby spinach and grilled tomato salad.

What do you do for grub when camping?

See you at the biggest chili cook off in the world in November?

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  1. I bring some fresh herbs and a fishing pole.

    1. I like playing with the "Outback Oven". A light weight way to bake while camping! I make pizza.

      1. I rock a dutch oven. I've made pot pies, casseroles, pasta, roasted chicken and fish, crusty bread, and fantastic biscuits and gravy. I can't wait to try pizza in it now (thanks, scuzzo!) The very best part is the delicious seasoning that builds up over time on the iron. Like reliving meals past every time you use it.

        1. We pitch the tent and put away the gear and look for chowish places to eat in the area.

          1. I look for the best food shops (bakeries, fish shops-esp. smoked, canned goods, farmers' markets) in the area and return back to the campsite to cook a divine meal on my single propane burner. Although I do miss my kitchen, I don't miss the food at home!