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Sep 29, 2009 10:09 PM

Papa John's -new Sunnyside

there's a Papa John's now open at 40-18 Greenpoint Ave [ie., about 2 blocks from the 41st Street 7 train stop,go south and west 1 block].
What's the reputation of Papa John's amongst the cognoscenti?
Just a very rushed impression but 2 slices Pepperoni Pizza - the slices are small but 2 slices are ONLY $2$ - and way bigger than your average slice) were rather delicious.
Pleasently surprised!!
They have a menu well beyond PIZZA but i am hoping that maybe this placw will at least go a small way to deal with the PIZZA deficit in Sunnyside?

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  1. Yes, well, the Pizza problem in Sunnyside is indeed desperate! We do have a couple Singha's Famous around though, surely that's our go to?

    1. I'm so sorry for your pizza deficit! Unfortunately, my family was forced to grab an overpriced Papa John's pizza at Disney last summer, and it was AWFUL. Way too thick and gummy, with a thick blanket of cheese on top. Even my kids hated it, even though they're not picky about crust size. (I prefer thin.)

      1. Yeah, stick with Singha's, but if you're going to try a national chain, Papa John's is definitely the way to go.

        1. If this is indeed the chain Papa John's, then their pizza is on par or slightly better than the usual generic corporate chains (Domino's, Little Ceasar's, Pizza Hut, etc). That is still no excuse to keep them in business. There are several posts about pizza options in Sunnyside and surrounding areas, and there are literally dozens of places around there with cheaper, better and faster food.

          1. You're kidding, right? Papa John's (the chain) is gross, nasty pizza. I thought that even as a poor college student trapped in the Midwest (back when I thought Domino's or Pizza Hut was klassy--was I ever so young?), and only ever ordered there because they carpet-bombed us with coupons that made it practically free. In New York, and as a grownup, a sharp stick in the eye or a random greasy corner joint would be preferable.