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Sep 29, 2009 08:42 PM

weekend breakfast

where can you go for breakfast ( not brunch) on the weekend in Monmouth county to get interesting omelets, good pancakes, French toast, etc? - preferably a place where you can linger over a cup or two of coffee? sort of like home, but out... what do you think of Yvonne's in Ocean Grove? I know there is always The Tuning Point... other suggestions?

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  1. What about Franks in Asbury, Nagles in Ocean Grove, Sunset Landing in Asbury or Blue Swan Diner in Ocean Twp.?

    1. What about Edie's in Little Silver? I just love that place!! It is a tiny, homey, and yet delicious breakfast/lunch spot!

      1. Also, Mumford's in Tinton Falls on Apple St. They are not open on Sundays.

        1. chat n' nibble in asbury park... inn between in red bank... broadway diner in red bank

          1. Amy's Omelette House, Ocean Blvd, Long Branch.
            Is this "house of a thousand eggs" not an obvious choice? Reviews?

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              I was also going to suggest Amy's. The have a huge selection of omlettes as well as other brekfast items. And the pancakes are pretty darn good. We also enjoy Sunset Landing, although, when busy lingering isn't always possible. Oh, there is also Starving Artist in Ocean Grove but again they can get quite busy.

              1. re: ejdb

                Amy's is one of my favorites.