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Sep 29, 2009 08:40 PM

atlantic antic this sunday

any can't miss spots? i always love the spanish food sold by the ladies in front of the spanish churches and sahadi's!

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  1. The East European church on the corner of Bond? Nevins? has great stuff early on. Homemade. My hangout is La Mancha, grilling fresh sardines & chorizo (say hello if you pass by and I'm there). Waterfront Ale House usually has the pulled pork sandwich (with the best blues band out front). Unfortunately, the folks historically making the best shwarma are no longer taking out the copper spit. As you said, Sahadi has an excellent display out (I like them more than Tripoli) & Downtown Atlantic usually has some great seafood going (oysters, etc). Someone was doing a whole pig roast the last 2 years and hopefully will do so again.

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    1. re: Steve R

      Is it confirmed that Oriental won't be doing the shwarma anymore? I was hoping it was only a brief hiatus. Malko was doing them for $10 last year, but at that price, I passed.

      1. re: jdf

        Cant say that it's confirmed, but I had a pretty long conversation with him last year and again during this year (since I live 3 blocks away), trying to convince him that it's worth the bother. He wasnt moved... at least at the time. I guess we'll wait and see.

      2. re: Steve R

        Is Popa Chubby playing? He usually has to compete with Last Exit's bands, which are entertaining, but IMO there's no comparison.

        1. re: Steve R

          Had food at both the church and la mancha, sardines and sangria was delicious.

          I wish I knew what the food at the church was called, some kind of arepa maybe? The nice women told be it was made of yucca root and ground beef insideā€¦

          Can anyone help?

          Also really enjoyed both the falafel and shwarma, at the stand next to sahadi.

        2. I really liked the lamb sandwich at Jolie last year. I also usually go for the fried chicken and sides at the church where the lady sings "Ice tea! Get yer ice tea!" all day. The line is always super slow, though.

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          1. re: Carol Gardens

            The food at the "iced tea" church is awesome! Where is that, near 3rd Ave? I'm so spoiled, living around the corner from the Waterfront/La Mancha/Sahadi's/Last Exit bands nexus that it gets hard save room and to push toward the other end.

            1. re: jennitrixie

              Anybody know what time the church starts their thing? I understand the street fair is 10-6, but when's lunch?

              Best thing I had last year: Obama burgers (they were heritage pork, stunning)

              1. re: pitu

                pitu, what time were you thinking of heading over? We still haven't committed one way or the other.

                1. re: yuriwebboy

                  waiting on church info...early I guess
                  text me!

                  1. re: pitu

                    Ack, it was too crowded for a family there. We had some great soul food between Bond and Nevins and walked as far as Court st. Man, what a crowd!

                    1. re: yuriwebboy

                      Sorry we missed you...gorgeous day.
                      We had not-great tamales, a middlin' viet sandwich outside Nicky's and GREAT mac n'cheese and cornbread by the Rev Herbert Daughtrey's church near Bond (the one with the ICE TEEEEEA! lady)
                      Their choir is awe inspiring.

                      The experts were not impressed with the Six Point Antic brew -- not up to their usual impeccable?

                      Paisano's (Court St butcher) was doing brats and Italian sausage on grills...too full by then, but bet they were good.

                      1. re: pitu

                        I sampled early and often, of both food and drink (perhaps a bit much of both), here's what we had:

                        * The first batch of phalourie from Sweet Taste. So good, we got the second batch, too.
                        * Oysters from Jolie "fresh off the boat" (since the raw bar was in a canoe). Very tasty but mild oysters of unknown provenance, although they were poorly shucked. Kronenburg to wash down. Their whole hog sandwiches looked awesome
                        * Atlantic Antic Amber at Downtown Atlantic (the first of many, many Antics) - I thought it was a very nice hoppy yet balanced beer. Not their best, but a solid beer
                        * Chicken mole tamal from Chiles and Chocolate. Could have used more chile, but it was tasty enough
                        * Vegan mint chocolate chip cupcake at Minor Treat. Awesome name, OK product, nice consistency but no discernible mint flavor
                        * Carrot cake cupcake from Downtown Atlantic. Very good, if not great. Not a fan of the restaurant, but the cupcakes are awesome when they're not dry (this was not dry)
                        * Twisted Thistle IPA over at Chip Shop. Awesome Scottish beer served out of a truck

                        * Building on Bond had the best booth by far. They're insane
                        * Chef Cesar Ramirez of Brooklyn Fare was doing the food for Deity, and is apparently consulting on the menu for a supper club that is launching there soon (He's also opening up a sit down restaurant in the same building as Brooklyn Fare, apparently.)
                        * NO SCHWARMA! And when are the Yemenis going to get in on the fun - it'd be awesome to see roasting lambs
                        * Mozzarepas are the new Italian sausage - must've been at least a dozen of those vendors if not more. I'd pay twice the standard going rate if Piedad came and schooled these amateurs
                        * Do they ever enforce the "beer zones"? The block between Clinton and Henry was a big outdoor beer garden, which was awesome.

                        It's still the best "block party" in NYC by far, even if the theme this year seemed to be "onesies and beer". (Seriously, how many children's apparel vendors can you have?)

                        1. re: lambretta76

                          You say that like "[anything] and beer" can be a bad theme!

                          I didn't get nearly enough this year but still ate too much... was with the kids so didn't drink anything.

                          La Mancha chorizo was very good but not up to the dreamlike standard of previous years, Russian church was surprisingly good, winner of the day was Bacchus with the fantastic merguez hot dogs (sucked down two and could have eaten many more at that price) and fries (surprisingly good considering they were not seasoned). Sadly, many dessert lines too long...

                          Were you the guy walking on State St. later in the afternoon with the black "Lambretta" t-shirt?

                2. re: pitu

                  Those were outstanding, but the pig tail hat was nasty ;)

            2. Waited on line for at least 20 minutes...with charcoal smoke in my eyes..for La Mancha's grllled sardines...but it was worth it! They were great...also loved the individual sized key lime pies w/ whipped cream on top!
              And I have to admit that stand where they spiral cut the potato on a stick then deep fry it was pretty good!
              Unfort I was stuffed after eating a feta and sun dried tomato filo wrap at Sahadis and missed out on so much more food! Oh well next yr I have to start out earlier than noon...and yes it was ridiculously packed! btw that re-fillable soda stand had the best grape soda I've ever had!