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Sep 29, 2009 08:22 PM

Spanish Pulled Pork in Dutch Oven

I want to make this Cuban-ish pulled pork recipe, but would rather not use the crockpot, since I hate mine.

I have a cast iron dutch oven that I'd much rather use.

Will the cast iron be ok with the acidity of the citrus in the mojo for that long of a cooking time or will the vinegar counter the citrus?

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  1. Ah, you mean the seasoning right? Vinegar and citrus are both acid, therefore, they'll make it worse rather than counter.

    How much vinegar and citrus are you going to put in?

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    1. re: Soop

      that's right, I was thinking vinegar was a base. and sorry, I completely forgot to link the recipe.

      1. re: JBethell

        It's quite diluted, so it might be ok.
        I'd wait for someone else to answer first though, as I don't have any seasoned CI.