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Sep 29, 2009 08:12 PM

Prix Fixe dinner deals in Manhattan ?

We had a wonderful meal at Telepan tonight that was an incredible deal: $39 for 3 courses (served until 6:30 Mon-Thurs). We are here from San Francisco and have a couple of other week nights and would love any suggestions for other deals like that. (We found this one by hapenstance by looking on their website and a web and Chow search did not turn up much.) It is a bit last minute, but we don't mind eating early and would rather spend the money on plays!

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  1. - Some of Jean George's restaurants offer a $38 prix fixe for dinner (Nougatine, Perry St., JoJo, Vong, Matsugen and Mercer Kitchen). They are also offering $26 lunch prix fixe.
    - Hearth is offering an Autumn tasting menu (3 courses for $35). The tasting menu is 3 set items, no choices.
    - Compass is offering a $35 3 course prix fixe
    - Vice Versa offers a $35 3 course prix fixe, as does their sister restaurant, Etc. Etc.

    - Eleven Madison Park offers a 2 course LUNCH prix fixe for $28
    - Momofuku Ssam bar offers a 3 course LUNCH prix fixe for $25


    1. Momofuku Noodle Bar is doing a 4 course dinner, but i don't quite remember how much it was... somewhere between $35 and $45

        Use the dropdown to sort by neighborhood, etc. It's on the way right hand side, under the lightning bolts.
        Control + F and type "dinner" to quickly find the dinner deals

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          I love the idea of the map & the list, but Eater & Grub Street don't update them. Community Food and Juice and Union Prime are closed - and that's just what I noticed in a random spot check.

          1. re: small h

            They used to update them, I guess nobody is reporting when the deals/restaurants are done.

            What about the list?

            1. re: kathryn

              Thanks, that looks a little more current. Except that Community Food & Juice is on Wined and Dined's list as well. Maybe CF&J is open again, and I'm the one who hasn't updated (although their website indicates otherwise).

        2. Perry St's three course $38 dinner prix fixe (Sunday-Friday, 5:30-6:00 PM and after 9:30 PM) and Picholine's Menu d'Economie (flight of 3 small plates for $20, regular-sized courses at $15 each) and are among the best dinner deals in NYC. Both serve much better food than Telepan IMO.

          1. Thanks all. Will check them out.