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Prix Fixe dinner deals in Manhattan ?

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We had a wonderful meal at Telepan tonight that was an incredible deal: $39 for 3 courses (served until 6:30 Mon-Thurs). We are here from San Francisco and have a couple of other week nights and would love any suggestions for other deals like that. (We found this one by hapenstance by looking on their website and a web and Chow search did not turn up much.) It is a bit last minute, but we don't mind eating early and would rather spend the money on plays!

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  1. - Some of Jean George's restaurants offer a $38 prix fixe for dinner (Nougatine, Perry St., JoJo, Vong, Matsugen and Mercer Kitchen). They are also offering $26 lunch prix fixe.
    - Hearth is offering an Autumn tasting menu (3 courses for $35). The tasting menu is 3 set items, no choices.
    - Compass is offering a $35 3 course prix fixe
    - Vice Versa offers a $35 3 course prix fixe, as does their sister restaurant, Etc. Etc.

    - Eleven Madison Park offers a 2 course LUNCH prix fixe for $28
    - Momofuku Ssam bar offers a 3 course LUNCH prix fixe for $25


    1. Momofuku Noodle Bar is doing a 4 course dinner, but i don't quite remember how much it was... somewhere between $35 and $45

      1. http://ny.eater.com/archives/2009/01/...
        Use the dropdown to sort by neighborhood, etc. It's on the way right hand side, under the lightning bolts.

        Control + F and type "dinner" to quickly find the dinner deals

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          I love the idea of the map & the list, but Eater & Grub Street don't update them. Community Food and Juice and Union Prime are closed - and that's just what I noticed in a random spot check.

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            They used to update them, I guess nobody is reporting when the deals/restaurants are done.

            What about the winedanddined.com list?

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              Thanks, that looks a little more current. Except that Community Food & Juice is on Wined and Dined's list as well. Maybe CF&J is open again, and I'm the one who hasn't updated (although their website indicates otherwise).

        2. Perry St's three course $38 dinner prix fixe (Sunday-Friday, 5:30-6:00 PM and after 9:30 PM) and Picholine's Menu d'Economie (flight of 3 small plates for $20, regular-sized courses at $15 each) and are among the best dinner deals in NYC. Both serve much better food than Telepan IMO.

          1. Thanks all. Will check them out.

            1. Allegretti offers a $39 3-course prix fixe all evening, Mon. - Sat. Superb Provencal-style French cuisine -- though very different from Telepan, imo, superior. Excellent service and lovely ambiance.


              1. Momofuku Noodle bar has a great $30 PF dinner (amuse, three courses, and soft serve) and a $20 lunch (amuse, 2 courses, and soft serve). The menu always changes and is sometimes posted here:
                It's one of my favorite meals in town. Sometimes you'll try something wonderful and never see it on the menu again.

                1. Apiary does a prix fixe for 3 courses sun- Thurs dinner at $35pp.

                  1. La Sirene offers a $27, 3 course PF 5-7PM cash only & is BYOB http://www.lasirenenyc.com/

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                      The first time we ate at La Sirene, the owner was there and we had a fantastic prix fixe. The last time it was over labor day weekend (I know, bad idea) and the owner was not present. The skate was really watery and it wasn't quite good. The tastiest thing were the vegetable sides. I would still go back, but I would make sure that the owner was in.