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Sep 29, 2009 07:22 PM

Crescent City Farmer's Market?

Hi Chowhounds!
I am planning a trip to NOLA next month and was wondering about the Crescent City Farmer's Market on Tuesdays:

- is it worth going to?
- is there anything else in that area within walking distance to see or do?

Any opinions would be great!

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  1. Are you staying in a hotel or with a friend? I don't really think that the CCFM would be very appealing to a tourist unless there is a kitchen where you are staying.

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      We are renting a house from a friend, so there will be a full kitchen. The market doesn't have things I could take home? I was thinking it would have sauces, spices, etc. along with produce and seafood?

    2. If you are a food lover - you cannot miss a chance to visit the Crescent City Farmers Market. How wonderful you have a kitchen available - but even if you didn't, there is alot of prepared food - smoked meats, cheese, fruit, etc. Every Tuesday, one of the top New Orleans restaurants does the "Green Plate Special" offering a fabulous prepared choice of lunch, all under $10! A ride on the streetcar can be combined with a visit to the Tuesday Uptown market. And there's always breakfast or lunch at Camellia Grill...

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        Is there also a Saturday market? I am hoping to fit a trip to the market while in NOLA and wondering which day is best...also to add to the OP original ?, is there anything else in the vicinity of the market "to do or see"?

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          I just got back from the Saturday-morning market, and I have to say, it always reminds me of how lucky I am to live here. On Saturdays, the market is downtown at Magazine and Girod streets, which puts it within walking distance of the hotels in the CBD and the Quarter. If you have a kitchen at your disposal it is, of course, awesome. But even if you don't, there are things you can buy to eat there or shortly afterward--tamales, goat cheese, hummus, pralines, truffles, baked goods, juices, popsicles. There are lots of samples [try the candies called nipples of Venus]. And there is always a vendor selling jams, jellies and sauces--exotic ones, like mayhaw jelly and several different types of pepper jelly--that you can take home as a souvenir.

          You can get more information here: http://www.crescentcityfarmersmarket.... .

      2. It's a few blocks from the streetcars to the Uptown market. If you don't & won't have a car, can you possibly get bikes with a basket & a good lock (a must), that would be a great way to explore Uptown. If you're seriously ingredients shopping, bring insulated bag & frozen blocks - October can still be pretty humid & warm.

        When my son was little, we'd do a Tuesday Uptown market, buy a lunch & snacks there & then go to the "fly" to eat & watch river traffic (this area is right behind the zoo, over the RR tracks and it a huge greenspace that fronts the Mississippi) & then to the zoo. It's only 5 minutes away from CCFM Uptown locale.

        CCFM sells tote bags, koozie's etc, which make for great gifts for your foodie friends.

        Thanks for visiting the city and spending $$.

        1. The Saturday market is nice, but if you are from somewhere with a really well-established market it may leave you underwhelmed. It is small and crowded and in a unappealing location in the Central Business District. I live in the French Quarter and have for eight years, but I still think back to my hometown market in Michigan wistfully each time I venture to the CC farmer's market. But if more people support it, it can only get better, right?

          1. Just got back from my trip to NoLa. I did include a trip to the Saturady market (at 9am, after a late night that was rough but doable). Started at the first booth with homemade scones and cinnamon buns- both flaky and super good. Would have been nice heated but obviously difficult to do in a parking lot, lol. CCFM booth had a decent coffee for a dollar that went well with "breakfast". It was definetly a "neighborhood" market feel, intimate but well stocked. Plenty of seasonal produce including some lovely apples we bought for later. A great fresh goat cheese booth that went great with bread. There was a huge amount of seafood booths that looked great. And we got some pralines and nipples of venus as well. All in all it was a nice little diversion to the FQ that we enjoyed.
            PS Afterwards we went to the WW2 museum down the street. It was a really well done place, I highly recommend it)